Student Association: The Madness Among Students

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Associations and student life

There is no denying of the fact that the history of mankind is an history of associations. People come together in groups and sects for various reasons, and ultimately for the promulgation of the interest of every individual member and as a collective unit. In colleges and university campuses, the foremost association of students is the Student Union, which is usually a radical force, vital in the welfare of participating students.
But while the student Union is the main group, there are always several others. Associations sprout around like mushrooms, in the name of causes that can either be important or impotent. I've seen a group formed in the name of defending the use chewing gum. Several groups are formed for several reasons and purposes ; Religious, Communal, educational, political, etc.
Really, the sheer magnitude of the number of groups that want my membership sometimes weighs me down. As a student the students union wants every student to be activists. As an indigene of Osun State, NAOSS (National Association of Osun State Students) wants me to join them. I'm from Ejigbo Local Government, so ELGASA are expecting me at their meetings. I'm a student of English, so NASELS are after my eager participation. I'm a Christian, so there are about 70 different fellowships hoping I'll join them in their next Service. But there's only so much I can do, I can't make everyone happy, can I? No.

I have to choose carefully, and decide which group would suit my lifestyle better, and accommodate my choices and academics. Students are not on campus to attend meetings, they are there to study and become better persons. Imagine if I decide to join every one of the associations listed above, will I even have a life? I don't think so. But many students have weaved themselves into the cocoon of associations. It affects their health, there education, and finances, totally negatively.
While there is nothing wrong with having a political mindset and a desire to participate and serve or lead, it needs to be done wisely. What's even more dire is if you hold leading positions in this groups. You'll be drained and wasted. I decided I wouldn't be an active member of any group since I was in part 1 (110L), and it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I have had all the time I need for my own decisions and choices. Whenever ELGASA hold their "Ejigbo day" event, I make it a point to get to the event for one reason mostly ; F.O.O.D. I go to their meetings once in a while, and the times I don't attend I have the time to myself.
My advice to students on this issue is, Choose wisely, Be careful which association you join, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

DISCLAIMER : Whenever I talk about events and, bout my very own self, take it with a pinch of salt. I believe you get my meaning.

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