Special Interview Of A Young Female Genius - Unilorin Rap Artist

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An interview with one of the unilorin all stars.
It is said what a man can do a woman can do better. Meet one of the unilorin all stars who is a female rap artiste in unilorin.
ALEXIARDOR: Can you pls tell me your real name?
LTB: It's Liasu Titilope Balikis and that's where LTB came from I'm a 200level unilorin student from Educational management faculty of education
ALEXIARDOR: Can you tell me how you began your music journey?
LTB: I was just 13 when I began to write lyrics thinking it was poetry
I mime rap music in some of my secondary school shows
I only do this for fun until I wrote a particular rap last year
And was about to throw it away when my friend saw it, he read it and was like wow! This is the coolest lyrics he has ever seen
He asked me to read it aloud and bam!!!
The next think I know, we were in the studio with one other artiste who really helped me recognized my talent more and we did a track titled Dem Be Smelling and his name is Yusfull
Since then, that was how it all started.I have also performed in unilorin alumni dinner and so on.
ALEXIARDOR: Who inspire you mostly?
LTB: All the chocolate city crew.
ALEXIARDOR: Hw did you get into unilorin all stars
LTB:It was organized by the sug social director himself to commemorate the #40th anniversary. It was during the holiday. It was recorded in lagos in September, A studio at ikosi ketu in front of television continental
And the video was shot and directed in ogun state by John rich view
Well, I don't have a record label and the guy acting as my manager is just a classmate. He is only helping me brand myself
ALEXIARDOR: Hw was it at first?
LTB: It was awesome, I really don't know how to deal with females Cuz I am tomboyish in nature but, with guys, it was fun all the way
ALEXIARDOR: What are you up to now?
LTB: Some show Promoting my single, Photo shoot, Artwork for my track and blasting unilorin
ALEXIARDOR: How many songs do you have now?
LTB: just three : turn up, King of the throne, Free me.
ALEXIARDOR: I saw a hand bill with you there, Gist me about it.
LTB: It's the succoth valley garden end of the year party I was called by the daughter of the owner of the garden that I should come and see her
I went there and she asked me to perform for her guests and I did then she told me that a particular d.j blackbone told her about me and many more people
and that was how I came to be there. The show is the day after tomorrow
There are many shows The unilorin idol is still there
ALEXIARDOR: OK it seems you re the only female there
LTB: Yes I am
ALEXIARDOR: OK how did your parent feels about your dreams
LTB: My mum was in total support But my dad did not say a word about it until he started seeing me on t.v. I talk,argue,debate. He called me and the agreement we had was pass watch once,gain admission,cross to two hundred level and you are free to do your thing.i did it before I gained admission and I am still doing it
ALEXIARDOR: Wat was your first stage like?
LTB: That was 2014 at marblefield hotel in oshodi,lagos. I was so excited and I had a big brother in the industry who came to watch me do my first show
ALEXIARDOR: Who have you work with it?
LTB: Ehyze,yusfull,btg,Jackson and so many more
ALEXIARDOR: What will you want ur fans to expect today
LTB: They should expect to see miss LTB for who she really is and not just a name I will blow their mind!!!!! To see my song fitting every role music can fit into not just for recording purpose
ALEXIARDOR: And who will like to work with in the future?
LTB: In future, i will like to work with Mi,eva alordiah,tesh carter,Olamide, patoranking, cassper nyovest, nicki minaj and kendrick lamar
ALEXIARDOR: Wat do you have to say to students that are talented like you?
LTB: They should not look at other peoples time to work and they should always look up to God

ALEXIARDOR: Say something to unilorin and its students before we call it a day.
LTB: Unilorin is a place for idols and gems. Anyone who is here. this school is not just lucky but abundantly blessed
ALEXIARDOR: If you want her to rap in a show you can call her on this number 07034470611.
ALEXIARDO: thanks to everyone have a nice weekend

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