Should Students Go For Night Classes?

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This is a continuation of my previous article about a trendy attitude among students in most campuses. First I did some introduction on this subject with The Intriguing Reality Behind Night Classes - Part I and the other day I took you along to some authoritative research on sleeping -The Intriguing Reality Behind Night Classes - A quick look at the facts

Today, I want to examine WHY most students go for Night classes and if it is really that important.

I don't ever understand why people go out to read at night, but I still do it anyway. In my case it doesn't help to think I'm sleeping and turning in bed/bunk while some Bobs are turning over pages and scribbling like thunder! I don't like that feeling, it makes me feel so uncomfortable I just wobble to my feet and storm out the door, head to some dimly lit lecture theatre, and make peace with my conscience. My parents deserve it.

But I still don't get it. Why do we do it? Some people believe it's better to read at night because according to them, what you read sticks to your temporary memory (not sure what the memory types are) . My mum actually broached it to me as well, though she used a different time range, early morning. I have tried both of them, and none have worked, Late night because I'm so sleepy I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, and morning because, well, I'm still too sleepy to keep them open without resorting to Mr Bean matchsticks technique which is... Yeesh.

From yesterday's article, it can easily be deduced that the very success, the high scores, the good grades, the academic proficiency, the sharp and disciplined minds, that "Night-Owls" crave to the point of Sleep deprivation ELUDES THEM simply because it's effects. What's worse is that there are lots of repercussive health problems that All-Nighters are extremely and precariously liable to. We'll be examining some of them soon enough, and you may never joke with sleep anymore after reading it. Only on Campus Punch News!

Bottom line is that different things work differently for different people, and you should never work yourself up to someone else's weight, like those bleary eyed poor sods I see in those rooms who are always in some sort of mental and physical battle of Vimy Ridge, racking and scribbling and holding their heads and dozing and turning all their heads into fire. If something isn't working for you why roast yourself over it?

But hey, we've got a different reasons why we take night classes, what's yours? Maybe it's more reasonable than mine, please share...

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