Should A Student Have A Roomate Or Not?

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Don't seems to understand some roommates who all they do is to keep acting as if they aren't living together and have that scornful look on their face when talking to their roomiie

I will agree with you that's interesting to wake up with someone in the same room, and to see someone to talk to when you are lonely unlike some who wrap themself all alone in bed. Their phone is their best friends. But i want you to agree with me that both issues has advantages and disadvantages

Like the issue of who is going to cook, should we cook together, should we use our stuffs separately? Mostly the case with ladies. They don't want to share their stuff together when it comes to food, who to fill the gas, or who's turn to buy kerosene for the stove, or who ate the remaining food i left before going out or at most who use the water i fetched before going for lectures.

A lady who stays alone on the other hand won't have option but to do this stuffs by herself. She cooks, watch plates fill her stove or gas. Well she might not if she prefers to buy junks. For examples my friend here always fight with her rommie when it comes to " i bought the kerosene we finished using so you go buy this time around" and her roommate says she doesn't have much. She prefers eating bread. Another issue is who arranges the room all the time or who's bedsheet we are using for the week. You know stuffs like that nah

While they have the cool time to themselves when it comes to getting gossiping and chatting. You know ladies like to put their boyfriend in trouble by tellin their roommates about him. Yh its the truth. Just to keep the atmosphere busy you know. They talk and talk unlike somone who doesn't have a roommate. All she does is press her phone, watch movie, read her books, take selfish, spend excessively because she has to foot her bill by herself.

Usually emotional because she spent the whole day to herself and at the end says "day was ok but bored" no she's staying alone. Though it gives you the privacy, and the time to think well on your own. Wake up, go for lectures, come back home, and look her door. That's the normal routine.

Now my question is, which of the two sides do you think is more okay going deeply into the two issues?

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