Schooling Through Unilorin - A Crumbling Ordeal

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That school is getting hectic and tiring. I no we all understand what that means because we are all feeling it right where we are. I mean you wake up very early in the morning and still end up getting to that lecture class very late. Though in the absence of the lecturer but in the full presence of the class members (those staying in on camp). No place to sit, and you discover its not you oh you can see like 10 20 others standing.

The most sophisticating part of the issue is some lecturers who all they do is to dictate throughout the course of their lecture as if one is in a high school or whichever way. We end up getting down different phrases and silly meanings out of the lecturers fast dictate with no explanations and at the end we have written 7 full sheets of leaves with a little meaningful sentences.

Another is the issue of class lectures. What do i mean? You need to see the way we rush from one department to the other looking for available lecture rooms. Getting one atlas but were chased out after the first one hour of the lecture. We had to start search for another class to complete the lecture hour. By the time we settled down w only got 30 minutes left.

Just know that whatever might hold you in school till 4pm will keep holding you till 6pm at the school park. The search for taxi is another thing entirely. You can imagine what it is like to be on a queue for like 1 hour and at the end you still end up standing inside te school bus.

No fuel no taxi unilorin a no go area. This issue of fuel is getting beyond imagination though. There's no enough taxi, s u g busses are few because they don't have what it takes to run it. The traffic caused by the long queues for petrol is enough to stop a cab man from coming to PS. You end up spending like 2 hours inschool after lecture, it eventually get to your turn and the taxi drivers said they aren't going beyond "oke odo" (the first student hostel junction after school gate) i don't blame them they just want to come back as early as possible to make their money. But what should people staying around tipper garage do (5th junction after school gate).

Just take oke odo and board another cab going to your area when you get to okeodo. Causing us a great fortune. This is not criticism oh i hope we all understand. Its nothing but a crucial matterthat needs attention before things get out of hand. Indeed, unilorin a better by far university

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