School Project: Covenant Poly Girl Turns Romantic Overnight

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School Project: Covenant Poly Girl Turns Romantic Overnight 

Boredom is a stranger but it brings so many visiting thoughts into your head. You wouldn't allow boredom stay too long and you will hardly want to invite it. But on this day, the visitor boredom brought my way has inspired me to tell you about this experience.

With nothing left to do, l logged on to palmchat and was scrolling through the online platform looking for company who l could interact with and l got one lady who was close to where l live. We got talking and she requested l added her on Black Berry Messenger (BBM). I did.

She is a student of Covenant Polytechnic, Aba and in her ND 2, preparing to write her project. We continued our conversation on a friendly platform and exchanged phone numbers as well as Facebook usernames. She perused through my profile and saw l was soon to become a graduate and then my problem started.

Last night, she called me up, something she hadn't done before and was complaining to me about how much of a sadist her project supervisor is and told me he changed her project topic to some other topic which examines the role of the Nigerian media in international news reporting with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) as her case study. l told her to get to work and that it was not much of a difficult task but she said she wanted me to help her. And in my heart, l was like me? I haven't even completed mine.

She invited me to her school this morning and l went, met her and we discussed about the project work and she liked my contributions and for the first time, she agreed that we go to her house; a place she hadn't allowed me know all the while. We got there and she wanted to start acting all emotional like a girlfriend but luckily for me, l got a call from my aunt and had to rush down to her office.

She later called me so l could come back to her house in the evening but l told her l won't have the time and l told her maybe we should leave it for the weekend. I would be in MOUAU by Friday.

Guys, did she start acting all cool because she thinks l can help her or did she notice something else? Ladies, will you pay any guy in kind just to assist you with a project work or assignment?

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