School Holidays: She Missed Being In The Arms Of Her Boyfriend

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SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: She Missed being In the Arms of Her Boyfriend

It was a very warm afternoon today unlike the very cold ones we had witnessed here in the Elephant City where Tuesday's rains almost made me lose direction and threw myself into the very deep drainages that even bowed to the intensity of the rains.

Today, l decided to take a walk and ended up sitting outside under a small shelter made by a new TECNO Outlet just to catch a glimpse of some beautiful sight when all of a sudden, l saw this lady approach me and sat beside me. She just bought a new TECNO phone and was admiring it while she waited for a friend who was supposed to meet her there and they went home together.

While we were seated, l decided to strike a conversation and we got chatting like we had known and l found out she was a student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and was in her 300Level. They are on holidays.

l asked her what she missed most from school since the holidays and the response l got from her made me grow cold as l stared at her as though l lost consciousness. She said the only thing she missed most was being in the arms of her boyfriend, Peter who she had stayed away from since she left school for the holidays. Peter she said, lives in Lagos and she is in Aba and that those warm embraces which she got from Peter has made her to miss him more and she just couldn't wait for school to resume.

I opened my mouth in awe and l imagined what those two would really be doing together back in school and what they would really do to make up for all the lost time when they finally get back to school.

If you are a student and on holidays, what do you miss most in school and if you are yet to be a university student, what do you think you can miss from school. Let's hear you.

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