Roll Out Of Face Of Campus Season Iii Contestants

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Over the weekend a new set of contestants had been rolling out on the Face of Campus voting page.
These are set of beautiful faces, really handsome guys and lovely and amazing ladies you would like to spend quality time with. Before all that need for quality time and all that, these ladies and gents are in to battle for who is the Face of Campus Season III. You know what that means they need votes more than anything. Trust me you can make their day with only that. 
At the moment the contest is already steep in place. Some of the contestants were held bound on their phone with their fans while waiting for the contest time to kick off at 12:00 on Monday morning. Since then they have not left from gathering their fans, crush, friends and family to vote for them.

It was another confusing rush as some contestant woke up early in the morning to see other contestants are already garnering votes. All the same the contestants are in high spirit and votes are trickling in every second to sympathize with contestants and cheer them up.
It has not been that easy for some but it has not been all about the contest but more of the fun that is surrounding it.

The organizers however had a little technical issue on their site because as the Technical head explained, “we moved to a new hosting company to be able to accommodate the growing number of contestants and visits and at the moment we have transferred about 95% of the site content but the site is perfectly okay on UC browser and other higher browsers. We would shortly finish the transfer and the contest can ride in as smoothly as possible.”

So if you wanna vote a beautiful Face of Campus contestant this is how:
Register on this website by clicking on Sign Up at the top of the menu
Once done go to the voting page by clicking on "Voting" at the top of the menu
Scroll through the beautiful face and vote someone
Remember you can vote many times but only once every one hour

So guys go check up on this beautiful faces on campus most exciting photogenic contest on Face of Campus ( I must confess I return every hour to find a contestant to give my vote and do some toasting (Sorry, I mean I just go to say hi to somebody…haha).
I’ll be back with more updates. Have a filled fun as you cheer on your favorite Face of Campus Contestants.

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