Refer Your Friends And Earn N5000 Daily

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Refer your Friends and Earn N5000 daily
Is this for real?
Yeah, it is very real!
You should know CampusPunch by now. We are always for real.

I'm about to show you three ways to earn N5000 daily as a student on CampusPunch.

We have made new updates on our system such that any member of CampusPunch community can make money each time they refer someone to the site. I'm sure you have a lot of questions to ask such as:

*How does the system work?
*How do I apply?
*How do you get paid?

How the CampusPunch Bidding Referral System Works
There are three (3) levels for bidding on the Bidding Section of CampusPunch. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE THREE LEVELS

If you have clicked the link above it will easier for you to understand the rest of this piece.

So, on the bidding you can chose to be on LEVEL 1, 2 or 3. Level 1 is free. Level 2 is N500 per 6 months. Level 3 is 2000 for 6 months.
On Level 2 and 3 you can win laptops, tablet phones, smart phones, expensive gadgets and other similar products.
So each time you refer someone to the site and the person apply for Level 2 or Level 3 you are paid 20% and 25% of the paid sum respectively.
You can earn whether you are in LEVEL 1, 2 or 3.

How to Apply to Make Cash on CampusPunch Bidding Referral
Once you become a registered member you are opened to this offer. SIGNING UP on the site is FREE.
Go to your profile page you will see "Your referral link". Copy the link and start to share with your friends to start earning cash.
Once started you can start earning as much as you want so far those you refer apply for level 2 or 3. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO APPLY FOR LEVEL 2 and 3
Once you refer anyone who applies for LEVEL 2 or 3 you are entitled to get paid.
And you are entitled to cash out a maximum of N5000 everyday

As a member you can bid and win for free products like provisions and fashion items on Level 1.
You can also win more expensive products like laptops and smart phones if you apply for LEVEL 2 and 3CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO APPLY FOR LEVEL 2 and 3
You can only cash out a maximum of N5000 daily.

An Example on How to Refer Your Friends
Below is a simple example of how you can share your referral link to your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Example: Register for free and earn N5000 daily guaranteed. Follow my link to enjoy this offer

Please Note: Make sure to replace the referral link in the example above with your own.

Sell Your Coins and Earn N5000 Daily 
CampusPunch has further made provision for members of this community to make more money by selling the coins they gather from this site.
Yes, you can convert the coins to real cash. Simply go to the BUY/SELL COINS button found at the footer (bottom) of the site.
Once you're there click on the Become a Seller button to sell selling your coins.
Once you've made any coins sales your money is sent to your wallet.
And you are entitled to cash out a maximum of N5000 everyday

You can always invite friends you make in the community to come and buy from you.
You can only cash out a maximum of N5000 daily.

Complete Your Special Assignment and Earn N5000 Daily
Yes, there is another third way in which you can earn N5000 daily on CampusPunch.

On your profile page at the bottom, there you will find a Special Assignment. A number of Special Assignments are given continuously throughout each day. Once you complete a number of assignments then you can win a minimum of N5000 daily.


Alright, get going and make some money!

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