"okpa" - The Special Delicacy That Saves Students Lives

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There is this kind of special delicacy that has been saving lives in campuses especially here in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. This meal is not really what you are thinking to be all common to students. It is not garri nor beans but it is just like them.

I wouldn't quite get the English name of this recipe and l don't think it has one because it is a traditional delicacy. But it is made from a kind of bean seed called bambara nuts. It is popular among the Ibo tribe and Enugu state is its origin because they are believed to be the best when it comes to its preparation.

Have you heard of the food called "OKPA" or have you ever heard anyone shout "Okpa di oku"? I bet you have but if you haven't, you really need to come down to the East and try out this meal.

Okpa is like bean cake (moi-moi) but way thicker and filling than moi-moi and because of its nature, two wraps of okpa can leave you feeling full for almost half a day. This has made it student's favourite and on a regular basis, students wait patiently for the women selling hot okpa to come wake them up as they shout to advertise and call out students from their hostels to patronize them.

The meal has become the number one snack in school and it is healthier compared to other junk meals that could pass for a snack. It is produced from natural ingredients and also very satisfying.

If other students are so engrossed with this meal, why not try it out. l bet you will enjoy it.

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