Oau - Who Is Behind This Hoax Whatsapp Viral Message?

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OAU - Who Is Behind This HOAX Whatsapp Viral Message?

OAU whatsapp messages hoaxes!!! They're everywhere, spreading false and misleading information, and scrapping the last thin veneers of sanity from the naive and gullible. Our internet age has made the spread of false rumours even more faster. WhatsApp especially has been running rife with some of them. I'll be examining the ones directed towards the Obafemi Awolowo University, and their telltale signs and errors.

Here's one example:

Office of the vice chancellor
It is no more a rumour that the NASU workers of the university has been dissolved by its national body, due to their improper self confidence of taking laws into their hands against the management and most especially the vice chancellor.
Nevertheless, as the newly elected vice chancellor of this great citadel of learning, i need to make a quick decision to nullify or erase any form of protest organised by this resistant workers.
In a bid to make things go as planned. A meeting was held today and the outcome of this meeting seems to be pleasing as the top officials of Nasu have agreed to urge their members to go back to work and promote peace , provide support for the new vc of the university.
The new resumption date will be communicated in due course.

Prof. Adebayo salami
Vice chancellor.

1-Heading : In no Authentic official circular that proceeds from even so low as the office of the Hall Warden of hostels, can its heading/subject be absent. Even more so, from such a one as a newly (and controversially) elected Vice Chancellor, he wouldn't just be typing messages, would he? No.

2-First line : "It is no more rumour that the NASU..."

To begin with, this kind of opening has become seriously Hackneyed, and is hardly suitable for a VC's expected grandiose. And, then "NASU".... Jeez.... Abbreviations are not permitted in official circulars! Makes it sound like something a Chelsea fan would call Manchester United in an argument..." Man U "....
If you're still doubting that this is no more true than WhatsApp banter, wait for the shockers.

3- Second Paragraph, second sentence begins with the personal pronoun 'I'. Problem is, it's in the lower case. What the heck!

4- Third paragraph, first sentence ends with a full stop. Primary school level error.

5&6- "Nasu" and "vc". Need I say more?

7- Now here's the kicker. What is the first name of the new Vice Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University? Ayobami.... Who in seven hells is Adebayo Salami?

Now,  OAU - Who Is Behind This HOAX Whatsapp Viral Message? Someone should own up...haha

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