Oau Female Gets Disgraced By Disguised Lecturer

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OAU Female Gets Disgraced by Disguised Lecturer

Just this beautiful Tuesday evening, yesterday, Part 3 students of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, had the pleasure of receiving a lecture from a lecturer from another university.

I'm not sure many of my colleagues in the department will agree with my choice of the word pleasure, because you could have mistaken the delivery of the lecture for a discussion between cartoon network aliens. Just joking. The guest lecturer is a respectable man, delightful but rapid delivery of his classes. In fact, he was so rapid that some students couldn't keep up with him, and resorted to catching up with their friends on BBM and WhatsApp.

Just as the lecture was about to start, I noticed a gentleman of rather non-student like figure and atmosphere but a clearly intended casual appearance, take a sit right in right in the row in front of me, two rows to the last row. Quite the spot for someone of disguised importance really. I suspected that he may be more than a middle aged student, but hey this course is STYLISTICS! Even Prof Patrick Obahiagbon could fail and carry the course over.

Lecture went on smoothly, until about 20 minutes to the end of it. The man in front of me stood up abruptly, went over to the professor lecturing and asked for a moment. Everyone was puzzled. "Good evening", he began, laying his car keys on the podium. At this point it was clear from his regal body language and the expression on his face that he was someone of authority, and he was vexed. He proceeded to tell us of how close he was to the professor, removing all doubt. Then he declared that he noticed that many of us were not concentrating on the lecture, such as the Young Lady who sat beside him who, he says, was "dedicatedly Pinging". Then he told her what she was doing was improper (in an advising manner), and she responded "This is OAU, we can do whatever we want"... There was an horrified gasp in the class.

Not that OAU students fear lecturers, or even respect most of them, but we know better than to get cross with them.
He promptly ordered her to stand up and to present herself to the lecturer... In front of a crowd of nearly 500 caustic-minded individuals like me who will undoubtedly make a legend of the incident.

Following that the Professor of course harangued the penitent and kneeling girl, and told her to bring her note for examination (not that she would be punished if her notes weren't up to date or something, but really its an intense psychological bedragle, trust me, I know).

Long story short, after a lengthy exhortation, she was allowed to slink back to her seat, humiliated. Students, do things at the right time, and be respectful, cos you never know who's watching.

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Lol she gt mind oh
Aug 25, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Lol she gt mind oh
Aug 25, 2016   |   (1)   (0)   | Reply

I pity her welar<br />
Aug 27, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Hmmm,, students
Aug 27, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Am really speechless oo
Aug 27, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Like seriously, she went too far
Aug 27, 2016   |   (1)   (0)   | Reply

am speachless
Dec 1, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

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