No Electricity In Hostels Heighten Unilorin Students Ordeal

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Lack of electricity supply.
Usually, the light in okeodo has been good in the past few months now perhaps because students were not many during all those times. In my area there hasn't it been light for a week now. While for some it has been up to three good weeks! ask me why? the voltage was high, so the transformer got spoilt in those area.
Fortunately, the phcn brought the light for some minute yet i was so happy as i cried for joy while other shouted up NEPA! As if we re kids. Don't mind us jare we all have our reasons for behaving like that, in my hostel our main reasons for shouting is because if there is light there will be water and for some of us we hate the fact that there is no light you may be wondering what of charging phones. of course!! Our belief here is that, it is not compulsory as water which serves many purposes.
Unfortunately our joy was shortlived as the light was taken after few minutes. some students at okeodo had accepted their fate as they go about looking for those that on their generator regardless the fuel scarcity.
Although some keeps on praying relentlessly, for there to be light. Well I think half of us that re concern had to go fetching water from a far distance for us to take our bathe and rush for lectures. Well as I still sees my friend online 24/7 though she stays at okeodo. I wonder how she manage to charge her phone. Maybe if I pay her a visit. I will ask her to disclose the secret behind it to me. Till then I think I will keep on praying for us to have light.

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