Nigerian Studying In Malaysia Killed In Kaduna

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Unknown gunmen suspected to be armed robbers have killed
a 27-year-old man, identified as Mohammed Rabiu. From reliable sources it was gathered that Rabiu, a student, who just returned
from studies in Malaysia, was shot and killed in Kaduna.
Jafar Ibrahim Ali, a close friend that witnessed the incident,
narrated that Rabiu was shot in his car after driving from
Abuja to Kaduna.
According to him, they drove straight to see one of Rabiu’s
friends in his house along Lugard Hall, but were told he had
gone out.
Ali, who survived the incident said, they requested for his
number, ”We were waiting to be given the number before a
tricycle parked near us and three men alighted from it and
made straight to where we parked and demanded we hand
over our phones.
“Initially, we thought they were policemen because, they
were pointing guns at us, but the next thing I heard was a gun
shot,”he narrated.
He further narrated that the gunman that stood by Rabiu’s
window and was pointing the gun at him shot.
“The men kept firing as they opened the doors of the car
pushing us out as they entered the car and drove away with it.
“All these happened in less than 2 minutes, as I struggled
with them, they kept firing but somehow the bullets from the
locally made guns missed me, but they shot my friend.
“It was when they left that we got a car from the house, which
took him to the hospital, but he was confirmed dead in less
than an hour after the incident,” he explained.
Though he said the matter was reported to the police, who
came and conducted preliminary investigation, it was yet to
be established whether it was a case of robbery or
Family sources disclosed that Rabiu came back to Nigeria on
the completion of his studies in Malaysia. He was buried
according to Islamic rite.

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