How to make first class in school.
March 04, 2020 | Campus Academy | by Davidhero

Hello guys, today i have decided to put together some general tips on how to make First Class. For me here are the essentials:Always make sure you attend every lecture, boring or not.Don'tjoke with your assignments and test. Abstainfrom Cultism, try as much as you can. Makeuse of past question...

Bidding Pro – All You Need to Know - Campus Punch
Bidding pro – all you need to know
May 10, 2020 | Campus Academy | by CampusPunch

Bidding Pro – All You Need to KnowBidding Pro as we understand is an affiliate program where one registers with N3,200, then gets to invite just 2 people and rides on a smooth climb to own the latest laptops, tablets and phones within a month. “Wow, that is super amazing!” you must say.How...

Have You Ever Been Caught With Expo Before? - Campus Punch
Have you ever been caught with expo before?
March 06, 2020 | Campus Academy | by Rhya

Let me start by saying that I graduated with a cgpa of 4.09. I'd always been an As and Bs student. Wasn't the most serious but when exams come around I can read the entire note and finish an entire textbook. People in my department always wondered how I did it. Some thought I used to sort lecturers...

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