How Campus Ladies Turn Church Sunday Into Fashion Madness - Campus Punch
How campus ladies turn church sunday into fashion madness
March 06, 2020 | by Oakley

It's a festival of photos and flashing lights. It's a wide kaleidoscope of beautiful colours and stylish designs. Gucci Shoes, Rolex watches, and Suits and Blazers of Italian Craft. African Ankara tailored in sumptuous European fashion. Butterfly skirts and flowery blouses, stilettos and sparkling...

Campus Bidding: How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 Bidding - Campus Punch
Campus bidding: how to upgrade to level 2 & 3 bidding

Campus Bidding: How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 BiddingCampus Punch Bidding has always being free, as we all know. Once you have Signed Up for an account you can bid on any level. Signing Up is free.Once you are registered you can start Bidding. To continue bidding however, you need to gather free...

Campus Romance: Where Does it Often End? - Campus Punch
Campus romance: where does it often end?
March 06, 2020 | by basildvalour

Too many times when we students get into university away from the watchful eyes of our parents, most of see campus as a new world, a new beginning, where we are free without boundaries and possibly for some it is a perfect place to sow their wild oats.We get admitted into higher institutions of...

You Cannot Look Into a Ladies Bag, Why? - Campus Punch
You cannot look into a ladies bag, why?
March 06, 2020 | by basildvalour

Ladies have this attitude of getting so well dressed and carrying along their designers handbag looking all beautiful just to match their outfit. Same was for this beautiful Nekede female student who l met in a new generation bank today at Ikenegbu, Owerri. l was invited on a tour to Owerri and...

Ladies Is Your Fashion Madness Grooming You Into Laziness? - Campus Punch
Ladies is your fashion madness grooming you into laziness?
March 06, 2020 | by basildvalour

In a world where people remain relevant either by the things they do, wear or say, competition is inherent not minding if it is a healthy or an unhealthy one. I saw this kind of a not too healthy competition, though l wouldn't allow myself to adjudge it as bad that is if you don't  see it the...

OAU Tech Store - Interview with DGC Manager Adeyemo Henry  - Campus Punch
Oau tech store - interview with dgc manager adeyemo henry

I got to sit down with Adeyemo Henry, the Manager of Deliberty Global Company Ltd, situated on OAU campus. If you could recall, I reviewed the Awesome Deliberty double Store last week in the post titled "The Best Tech Stores On Campus Every OAU Students Must know", which is essentially the first...

5 Personal Things Students Use That Can Endanger Their Life.  - Campus Punch
5 personal things students use that can endanger their life.
March 06, 2020 | by Temmytayor_19

As humans, there are so many things we get entangled with and we mostly think they are just fine, especially our personal effects. You wake up early in the morning with cold bustling your brain and nostrils and you wonder where you got it from when you had a rather hot sleep. After this...

17 Excuses That Can Kill Your Future Dreams - Campus Punch
17 excuses that can kill your future dreams
March 06, 2020 | by Logicman

While many people dream of becoming better people than they were in the previous years, only a few actually do achieve the feat. Many others allow so many factors make them derail from pursuing their dreams and this is not also limited to students as they always tend to throw caution to the wind at...

A College Students 5 Healthy Secrets to a Fast Breakfast - Campus Punch
A college students 5 healthy secrets to a fast breakfast
March 06, 2020 | by bukie

A sumptuous breakfast is certainly a healthy feeding option. At the same time, not everyday can one devote the same time to prepare a healthy breakfast not when your lecture is by 8am and you carelessly wake up by 7am same morning. Have you ever thought of fast, and yet healthy breakfast...

OAU Costume Day - Students Looks Shocking & Sexy On Nun Attire - Campus Punch
Oau costume day - students looks shocking & sexy on nun attire
March 06, 2020 | by CrazyDude

At a recent costume day of Obafemi Awolowo University one student lady stunned the whole school with her nun attire and even stole a good amount of fame on the internet. She is a final year student who chose to step out looking like a sexy nun in hot dark lipstick complete with her veil and...

5 Effective Study Tips for Every Student in Campus - Campus Punch
5 effective study tips for every student in campus

5 Effective Study Tips for Every Student in CampusYou will agree with me that getting into the university isn't just the the big deal, getting good grades and learning what you are there for is the big deal.Many of us wonder, "Gosh!!! despite all the candles i burnt i couldn't make good grades" and...

How To Deal With Youthful Lonely Moments - Campus Punch
How to deal with youthful lonely moments
March 06, 2020 | by bukie

According to oxford dictionary, lonely is defined as the act of being unhappy because you have no friends or people around you to talk to. A period of sad time spent alone. Loneliness is the feeling of being alone and feeling sad about it. Its a feeling of emptiness or hollows inside you. You...

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