Controversy Shrouds The Unilorin Student Dam Sucide

5 days ago   |   7 Comments

Good morning. Bringing to you today is a piece of gist. Have you heard about it? Ought to be news but it got kinda twisted along the line. So I'll just go straight to telling you now. A student was found dead in...

Is It Possible To Go Through University Without Improving Your Vocabulary?

Nov 7, 2019   |   26 Comments

Is it Possible to go Through University Without Improving your Vocabulary? 

Quite bizarre as it may sound, while in class OAU Part 3 students of English language were accused this morning by a lecturer...

Full Electricity Blackout In Oau Dulls Resumption

Nov 7, 2019   |   4 Comments

With the high spirit that has evolved the announcement to the resumption of students of OAU to campus and seeing the stream of aspirants and old students rushing back to campus, the spirit of the returning students has s...

School Project: Covenant Poly Girl Turns Romantic Overnight

Nov 7, 2019   |   44 Comments

School Project: Covenant Poly Girl Turns Romantic Overnight 

Boredom is a stranger but it brings so many visiting thoughts into your head. You wouldn't allow boredom stay too long and you will hardly w...

How My Girlfriend Proposed To A Fudma Guy And The Guy Blasted Her

Nov 7, 2019   |   13 Comments

Tell me what do you think, Should a girl propose to a guy in campus?

This happened on Wednesday afternoon in FUDMA campus. There was this girl, Michelle, who had a big crush on a certain guy, James, in her...