Four Unilag Cultists In Trouble, Thrown Into Jail

16 hours ago   |   25 Comments

Four undergraduate students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) have been reportedly sent to jail by a magistrate court on the alleged cult activities which the four were said to have been involved in within the premises...

Admission List: Mouau Candidates Get Frustrated

16 hours ago   |   23 Comments

Admission List: MOUAU Candidates get Frustrated

The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,...

Eksu - Ghastly Accident Kills Six Students, Two Seriously Injured

16 hours ago   |   8 Comments

Last Monday, 13th July was a terrible day for Ekiti State University as a ghastly accident took away six students lives and filled the entire residents in EKSU campus and its environs with feverish shock.

It was a...

Course Registration: Check Out What I Was Told At Oau's Ict Centre Today

16 hours ago   |   17 Comments

Ever heard of malignant cases? Like files of important issues sitting on a shelf collecting dust rather than attention? I've never experienced such exactly, but there's always a first time. Ugh. I've mentioned in a cou...

Nans Declare Support For Buhari Corruption Campaign

16 hours ago   |   0 Comments

The National Association of Nigerian Students has declared its support for President Mohammadu Buhari and his ongoing anti-corruption war. The association said that it will take the anti graft to campuses by recoverin...

Unilorin Second List Hanging On The Balance

16 hours ago   |   0 Comments

Don't you think it will shock your people if at last unilorin couldn't provide a second list for our jambites whose fingers are crossed. To me ohh. I don dey think say no second list oh. Its not a matter of being pessi...

How The Devil Could Have Disgraced Chris & His Family With Mgbo In Unizik Exam Hall

16 hours ago   |   7 Comments

Have you ever been in an exam hall and you were so determined to cheat daring all consequences?

When the devil decides to punish you, he starts by pushing you to disobey instructions. That was how within t...

Dead Funnab Student Returns To Life

17 hours ago   |   5 Comments

Earlier on, there was a wild fire news on the death of a 100 level student, Taiwo Abisoye of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta who was reportedly shot dead following a peaceful protest staged by the student...

Unimaid Students Spotted Reading With Street Lights

17 hours ago   |   29 Comments

it's heart breaking when youths look up to the government to provide certain facilities for learning and these students are left to fend themselves. As seen in the university of maiduguri,the picture of how the stude...

Unilorin Students Stubbornly Refuse To Resume 2Nd Semester

17 hours ago   |   4 Comments

 Unilorin Students Stubbornly Refuse to Resume 2nd Semester

        Unilorin Students seem to have taken the law in their hands defying any order of early school resumptio...

Four Students Suspended, One Given Strong Warning

17 hours ago   |   2 Comments

News reeling is that four students have been suspended and fifth student given a stern warning at the Osun State University, Ikire Campus. The students were disciplined due to their involvement in various examination mal...

How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running Campus Students Mad

17 hours ago   |   16 Comments

How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running Campus Students Mad

Charley Networking, the networking grandfather, Eee, baby how are you now?, Charley I dey ooo, which one dey on board now, is it ultimate cycler abi...

Sokoto Governor Deports 39 Scholarship Students In Abroad

17 hours ago   |   13 Comments

Sokoto State Government has given approval for the transfer back home of its 39 students currently studying in various schools in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Gov. Aminu Tambuwal made this known on Friday in Sokot...

When Your Class Has A Class Guru

17 hours ago   |   32 Comments

When Your Class Has a Class Guru

 There is always that one person, if not more in some cases that always takes your breath away with how wise and knowledgeable they are. They are always on the same lev...

Student Association: The Madness Among Students

17 hours ago   |   13 Comments

Associations and student life There is no denying of the fact that the history of mankind is an history of associations. People come together in groups and sects for various reasons, and ultimately for the promulgati...

Six Delsu Lecturers Sacked For Sexual Harassment Of Female Students

18 hours ago   |   22 Comments

Six lecturers of the Delta State University, Abraka, have been sacked over various offences, including sexual harassment of female students. Their sack came after a disciplinary committee was set up to investigate th...

Students Who Is More Indecent In Dressing: Male Or Female?

18 hours ago   |   20 Comments

I was caught in a web of serious argument this morning between some students who were females and attacking some male students in one of the student residential areas in Aba. I was on my own when l was called to make my...

Bloody Monday Accident At Gate 6, Mouau

18 hours ago   |   38 Comments

Today, Monday, the 29th of August has turned bloody for some people with what was experienced at the front of the popular Gate 6 (main gate) bus park of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. A loaded...

Expulsion - Mouau Girl Survive Sucide Attempt

18 hours ago   |   5 Comments

All hell broke loose yesterday in MOUAU campus as one female student drank insecticide potion to take her life away because of receiving news of her expulsion from the school due to exam malpractice along with several ot...

He Wants My Virginity As A Prove Of My Love For Him

18 hours ago   |   46 Comments

A female student of the Abia State University, Uturu has been hit by a rolling ball of disaster, confusion and tears. She needs candid advise from you and I on how we can help her out of this dilemma she has found hersel...

Fuel Scarcity Taking Its Toll On Unilorin Students

18 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Effects of fuel scarcity on Unilorin students. Fuel scarcity!!! I wonder when we will see smiles on the drivers face that the price has reduced, not that smiles that they are exhorting extra money from we students fo...

Oau Banned From Hosting Nuga Games

18 hours ago   |   3 Comments

OAU banned from hosting NUGA Games 

The Nigeria University Games Association has suspended Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU from hosting the Association's biannual NUGA Games. This development was p...

Campus News Recap - Something About Lautech Depresses Me

19 hours ago   |   2 Comments

Hello, I pride myself as Campus Punch Piers Morgan! Ah ah! So what do I talk about today? A recap of the notable events in the Education sector of the country in the last week, aye? So what happened last week, what a...

Alleged Budget Padding In Unizk Political Science 400 Level Class Of 2017

19 hours ago   |   3 Comments


As our final year drew closer to an end I was both excited and worn out with the pressures of urgent matters that was always ne...

Abia Poly Releases Second Semester Exam Timetable

19 hours ago   |   1 Comment

The Abia State Polytechnic, Aba has released the examination timetable for the second semester examinations. According to the controversial timetable, examinations are scheduled to begin on Monday, the 22nd of August...

The Guy That Marries You Would Be So Lucky

19 hours ago   |   12 Comments

The Guy That Marries You Would Be So Lucky

It's absolutely insane how students tend to get them selves married while in campus in the name of dating or relationships which I actually don't see any reason wh...

12 Futa Students To Complete Undergraduate Programme In Florida

19 hours ago   |   20 Comments

The Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA Professor Adebiyi Daramola has admonished the fourth set of students who recently proceeded to the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (...

Campus News Recap : The Soirée, The Sorry, The Sorrowful

19 hours ago   |   2 Comments

Good Monday morning to you people! And to the resuming folk at OAU, welcome to another lecture free week, I'm sure many of you are catching up with your friends now and such. Happy stuff. To my dearest LADOKITES of L...

A Unilag Student Imprisoned For Mocking Lecturer On Facebook

20 hours ago   |   1 Comment

The news of the Unilag student who has been arrested and detained by the police for posting a caricature picture of a lecturer in the university seems not to be going down any soon. Dolapo Olusesi, is a 300 Law stud...

Mouau Students Go Haywire In Search For "ramadan Moon"

20 hours ago   |   9 Comments

Students of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike who were distressed with their inability to travel for the holidays as declared by the Federal Government because of the distance as compared to those who li...