The Rising Den Of Cultism In Uniosun - College Of Culture And Humanities

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The dissolution of character today is found at every level of our society. It is found in homes, with the head becoming bossy and engaging in unhelpful acts. It is found on the roads, with drivers who victimize pedest...

Uniabuja Sug President Suspended For N4 Million Corruption Charges

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Chris Ifeanyi, the SUG president of Uniabuja  who is allegedly facing corruption charges of 4 million naira has been suspended from his position by the SUG parliament until further notice. The news was released by a...

How Cultism Sneaked Into Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

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Cultists in our higher institutions nowadays is not a new thing to us. We see them on our campuses everyday,we see a couple of headlines on cultist clash on our TV set . Even though the school authorities and the gover...

Asuu Threatens With Another Strike Scheduled For October

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ASUU Threatens With Another Strike Scheduled for October

Following a period of economic challenges and the inability of government to meet the demands as agreed, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (AS...

Buy My Textbook Or Fail My Course

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It is quite a grave course for concern when school resumes for a new semester but students refuse to resume on time. Over the years, I have tried to know why and some answers l got was that the students went home to "...

Does Your Cgpa Break Your Heart?

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Does Your CGPA Break Your Heart?

And the rains were angrily pouring down, the roads are so bad yet people went about their businesses without much attention to it. There l was with my umbrella trying to...

Ekiti Chapter, Nans To Join National Protest Over Fuel Hike

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  The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Ekiti State chapter, is pitching into the protest against the hike in the petrol price labeled by the federal government last week. The associati...

Hey Freshers Y'all Getting The Feel Of Unilorin?

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Welcome back to campuspunch. Its been a while I must say. Yeah! Its good having you guys back here. So what do I have for you? Guessed you've been seeing all those people persuading you to bank with them, or make you...

Nigerian Students Return From Foreign Varsities

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The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission » (NUC), Prof. Julius Okojie, has disclosed that a lot of Nigerian students who were studying abroad have been returning to Nigerian universities due to...

Don't Make Anyone You See In Campus A Friend - The Sad Tale Of Winnie

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Don't Make Anyone You See In Campus a Friend - The Sad Tale of Winnie

After the interview with Winnie a 200 level student at the age of 19,I think its best I reach out to the others with her story.


A Notorious Thief In Adeyemi College Of Education Caught And Beaten To Pulp

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This happened some days ago when I was in Adeyemi College Of Education. So, I decided to share... As it is said, everyday is for the theif and one day is for the owner. Well, for this unfortunate thief, everyday was...

Oau - Who Is Behind This Hoax Whatsapp Viral Message?

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OAU - Who Is Behind This HOAX Whatsapp Viral Message?

OAU whatsapp messages hoaxes!!! They're everywhere, spreading false and misleading information, and scrapping the last thin veneers of sanity from the n...

Unknown Gunmen Kidnaps Uniport Lecturer

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Monday night was clouded with terror for residence in Aluu community, Ikwerre local government area of Rivers state when unknown gunmen kidnapped a lecturer in the department of Biochemistry, University of Port Harcourt...

Crowds Of Candidates For Admission Screening Floods Mouau

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It has been an eventful day and the old students are having a filled day with teeming crowd of aspirants who are already streaming in and around the campus for their screening exercise which commences tomorrow all over t...

My Ordeal In Trying To Pay Oau Fees Today

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My Ordeal in trying to pay OAU fees Today 

So, instead of going to a bank to pay into OAU'S school fees account, I had to first generate an RRR code, print some stupid slip, and then get on the cashier...

The Sad Death Of Angel O'brien & The Ills Of Cultism

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The evils cultism has contributed to the education sector are enough to call a referendum on shutting down campuses for life but no one would agree with me because even secondary schools are now at the forefront of cult...

Oau Student Kidnapped At Ife, Dumped In Kwara

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An 18 year old, 300L OAU student, Praise Adelakin met a most horrendous event of her life time a few days back when she returned to Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy campus shortly after the announcement by management calling o...

Buk Expels 40 Students, Rusticates 9, Exonorates 12, Warns 14 Other Students [See List]

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The Bayero University Senate at its last concluded 344th meeting held on Wednesday, 27th July, 2016 have approved the expulsion of 40 listed students and the rustication of 9 others for examination malpractices. A sta...

Born Again 300L Unilorin Student Confesses,

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In the final days of the previous week, a certain picture went viral on the Internet. A certain 300L UNILORIN student, Jephtah or something like that, wrote an official letter to the university management informing them...

Tanke Begins To Bubble With Students

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Can you recollect all that gossip hovering around school, about resuming somewhere at the ending of September or  more likely at the beginning of October before we left for hols? I remember hearing about all that rumour...

How Homosexual Sin Destroyed Kelvin's Educational Career

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How Homosexual Sin Destroyed Kelvin's Educational Career

Hmmmmmm!!! i must really recommend that we thank God each day we go and come back from our daily activities safe and sound... Seeing the pictur...

Bum Shorts Goes Trendy In Unilorin

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It baffles me to see that our campus babes don't just wear their bum shorts behind their hostel fence, but also on the streets. Why? I was outside my apartment this morning jeje oh when I saw that hot chick in bum short...

School Holidays: She Missed Being In The Arms Of Her Boyfriend

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SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: She Missed being In the Arms of Her Boyfriend

It was a very warm afternoon today unlike the very cold ones we had witnessed here in the Elephant City where Tuesday's rains almost made me lo...

Abia Poly Internal Strike Set To End, Exams On Hold Released

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Abia Poly Internal Strike Set to End, Exams on Hold Released

Following almost one month of an industrial action which had the premises, lecture rooms and offices of the 

What Every Oau Fresher Needs To Know

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As we say, I SALUTE YOUR DOGGEDNESS AND TENACITY, and I praise your wisdom to the heavens. You're a rare breed, the kind that never cease to leave the mouth agape, and this should suggest why you're OAU students (*to an...

Two Guys Throw Blows Over A Mouau Girl

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Two Guys Throw Blows Over a MOUAU Girl

Yesterday evening didn't end well for some students in a yet unnamed lodge which is a small one located at Umugbalu, Oboro within the Michael Okpara University of Agri...

Cooking Practice: Fine Unizik Girl Who Doesn't Know How To Cook Okro Soup

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Cooking Practice: Fine Unizik Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Cook Okro Soup

That was how one fine looking, tall and fair girl in the School hostel today, Unizik Hostel A, was practicing how to cook Okro soup...

Unizik Finally Elects An Sug President After 3 Years Ban

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It was like the long awaited arrival of an overdue baby, The atmosphere in the School before the elections was a bit expectant. Since 2014 the Stude...

Wanted Mouau Student Criminals Leaves Print On Crime Scene

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Before a crime, a criminal or criminals as the case may be, would always gets abreast with the environment he places as his target. This is the case of some student criminals who after they had studied their target area,...

My First Day In Unilorin

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My first day in PS was like HELL!!! Like oh!... This sun is going to make a soup out of me. But what option have i? None! Ofcourse. Let's take the time back starting from the beginning. It was on the 21st...