How The Devil Could Have Disgraced Chris & His Family With Mgbo In Unizik Exam Hall

6 hours ago   |   7 Comments

Have you ever been in an exam hall and you were so determined to cheat daring all consequences?

When the devil decides to punish you, he starts by pushing you to disobey instructions. That was how within t...

How My Girlfriend Proposed To A Fudma Guy And The Guy Blasted Her

6 hours ago   |   13 Comments

Tell me what do you think, Should a girl propose to a guy in campus?

This happened on Wednesday afternoon in FUDMA campus. There was this girl, Michelle, who had a big crush on a certain guy, James, in her...

Fidei Poly: Two Students Killed, School Shuts Down

6 hours ago   |   11 Comments

FIDEI Polytechnic Gboko in Benue State was today shut down indefinitely following alleged killing of two students and two police officers by suspected group of thugs known as ‘SHAWA.’ The two students were killed and...

Unilag Student Rusticated For 4 Semesters After Posting This Write-Up On Facebook

6 hours ago   |   15 Comments

A student of University of Lagos identified as Adeyeye Olorunfemi of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences; Department of Building has been rusticated for 4 semesters, that is two years academic year for criticizing the...

Cooking Practice: Fine Unizik Girl Who Doesn't Know How To Cook Okro Soup

6 hours ago   |   16 Comments

Cooking Practice: Fine Unizik Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Cook Okro Soup

That was how one fine looking, tall and fair girl in the School hostel today, Unizik Hostel A, was practicing how to cook Okro soup...

How I Do Yearn For School Chritsmas Break!

6 hours ago   |   0 Comments

I know its not only me getting anxious about Christmas, I wonder what your plans are? Ok Christmas is not just about getting into the festive mood or taking part with others to eat the dressed deep fried or roasted tu...

Life In Unn - What I Love About Unn Female Hostel

6 hours ago   |   12 Comments

LIFE IN UNN - What I Love About UNN Female Hostel

I love UNN, don't know about you. Wait!! let's first talk about the female hostel. one thing I love about the female hostel is how you stay in your room and...

He Wants My Virginity As A Prove Of My Love For Him

6 hours ago   |   46 Comments

A female student of the Abia State University, Uturu has been hit by a rolling ball of disaster, confusion and tears. She needs candid advise from you and I on how we can help her out of this dilemma she has found hersel...

New Revolution Of Midnight Thieves Looting At Tipper Garage Student Hostel Area

6 hours ago   |   3 Comments

As exactly 2:00am at the wee hours of today, while fast asleep in my room a loud noise struck through the quiet night and awaken me from my serenity. It was a shout from the room next to mine saying, "THIEVES! THIEVES...

Abia Poly First Class Student Murders Grammar

6 hours ago   |   20 Comments

But why do ladies that form the most, flaw the most?

So it was on this day, the social day of the Business And Management Students of the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba and l was duly invited to come and fee...

My First Day In Unilorin

6 hours ago   |   4 Comments

My first day in PS was like HELL!!! Like oh!... This sun is going to make a soup out of me. But what option have i? None! Ofcourse. Let's take the time back starting from the beginning. It was on the 21st...

Oau Banned From Hosting Nuga Games

6 hours ago   |   3 Comments

OAU banned from hosting NUGA Games 

The Nigeria University Games Association has suspended Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU from hosting the Association's biannual NUGA Games. This development was p...

How I Risked My Life For An Ungrateful Girl At Aocoed Post Utme Exams

6 hours ago   |   25 Comments

How I Risked My Life For an Ungrateful Girl at AOCOED POST UTME Exams

I remember vividly when I was about to write my Post-UTME in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Eduacation (AOCOED), it wasn't funny at all p...

Mouau Students Go Haywire In Search For "ramadan Moon"

7 hours ago   |   9 Comments

Students of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike who were distressed with their inability to travel for the holidays as declared by the Federal Government because of the distance as compared to those who li...

The Struggle Continues As Unilorin Is Getting Filled And Interesting

7 hours ago   |   1 Comment

Its Monday again so i say the struggle continues. I know some lazy babes and guys are still in bed pressing there phones or something else. Guess they are running away from harmattan and same long queue for taxi. Si...

Jambites Ask - Would Mouau Feign Ignorance Of N2,500 Fg Directive?

7 hours ago   |   3 Comments

After the meeting held by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) with stakeholders of the Education system concerned, it was agreed that all applications for the screening tests which is popularly known as P...

Mouau Students Shelter Screening Candidates To Make Fast Cash

7 hours ago   |   2 Comments

Some students have refused to leave the confines of the school because of the incoming screening candidates who many students are seeing as an avenue to make fast money. In return for hospitality of sheltering this aspir...

Unilorin Tops University Ranking In Kwara State

7 hours ago   |   1 Comment

The National University Commission (NUC), has just released ranking of Nigerian universities for the year 2016. According to a list I saw on Nigerian Pilot, the University of Ilorin who is supposed to be first in rank...

Alleged Budget Padding In Unizk Political Science 400 Level Class Of 2017

8 hours ago   |   3 Comments


As our final year drew closer to an end I was both excited and worn out with the pressures of urgent matters that was always ne...

Unilorin Student Hostel Thief Goes Corporate

8 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Unilorin Student Hostel Thief Goes Corporate

It has happened again ohh. Ask me what? Okay. I was coming out to of my room yesterday afternoon when I saw a guy came out of my friends room. Since she h...

Fidei Poly Students In Fresh Trouble: Adminstration Fines Each Students #32,200

8 hours ago   |   27 Comments

The recent crises that happened in FIDEI Polytechnic, Gboko, Benue State, where properties worth millions of naira were destroyed by students, have mandated the school management to fine each student N32, 200 for damages...

Schooling Through Unilorin - A Crumbling Ordeal

8 hours ago   |   2 Comments

That school is getting hectic and tiring. I no we all understand what that means because we are all feeling it right where we are. I mean you wake up very early in the morning and still end up getting to that lecture cla...

That One Course That Gives You The Nightmare

8 hours ago   |   10 Comments

Often times we are always surrounded by challenges when we are in school and those challenges sometimes leave us feeling really bad and for some, they would want to devise means to face those challenges head-on and be re...

Mouau Screening Results Streaming In

8 hours ago   |   4 Comments

The results of the IQ screening test of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike which kicked off yesterday has started to stream in for those who wrote yesterday even while some others are yet to write toda...

Why Oau Was Africa's Most Beautiful Campus

9 hours ago   |   7 Comments

It has barely rained this year in the south west, yet the flowers are in full bloom and the lush lawns are getting beatified as lawnmowers cut crisply the excess growths of grass. The trees are like bronze stalks of umbr...

Abia Poly Student Kills Lanlord, On The Run

9 hours ago   |   6 Comments

A sour incident happened on Tuesday in Immaculate area of Aba where Mr. Emma (pseudonym), a landlord of one of the student lodges in the area was allegedly killed by a student of the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba. The reas...

Abia State Polytechnic Begins Indefinite Strike

9 hours ago   |   14 Comments

The Abia State Polytechnic, Aba is under lock and key as gates have been shut and classrooms locked against students of the institution as the institution begins another era of strike today. The strike is not connecte...

Lasu Starts War Against Indecent Dressing, Sacks 84 Students

9 hours ago   |   13 Comments

The ongoing fight against indecency and moral decadence in our country has to  be fought without relent and has to be driven home to undergraduates, the lesson of being morally sound and not just academically profic...

Students Who Is More Indecent In Dressing: Male Or Female?

9 hours ago   |   20 Comments

I was caught in a web of serious argument this morning between some students who were females and attacking some male students in one of the student residential areas in Aba. I was on my own when l was called to make my...

How Unibadan Aro Almost Destroyed Their Relationship

9 hours ago   |   15 Comments


This happened just last week. So, my friend John has this very nice, beautiful girl as his girlfriend. Her name is Tosin. John is in 300 level, while his...