The Degenerating Cycle Of Examinations In Nigeria Sparked By Social Media

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– Social media have kept the world going and citizens of the world smarter, but just as they have their advantages, they are a growing problem to the education sector – Across the world, issues of examination malpractice...

University Of Mkar Lecturer/politician Brutally Assassinated

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A lecturer of the University of Mkar in Gboko town Benue State, Mr. Aondosoo Winifred Tondo has been murdered. He was reportedly killed by unknown gunmen in the early hours of today at his house located within the Univer...

My Ordeal In Trying To Pay Oau Fees Today

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My Ordeal in trying to pay OAU fees Today 

So, instead of going to a bank to pay into OAU'S school fees account, I had to first generate an RRR code, print some stupid slip, and then get on the cashier...

Oou Lecturers Embark On Sit At Home Strike In Middle Of Exams

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Yesterday was indeed a sad day for Olabisi Onabanjo University students as students who arrived in the morning to their exam halls to take the on-going second semester exams found no lecturer in site to carry out their s...

Are Female Lecturers More Wicked Than Male Lecturers?

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I was speaking with Eromosele who is a student of the prestigious University of Benin, UNIBEN and he told me he has...

Insufficient Lecture Rooms Drives Unilorinites Nut.

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In 100level, students had to run to and fro as venue of lectures changes due to unavailable lecture rooms. It is understandable after sometimes, most lectures clashes, but that is not an excuse in some cases. We all agre...

Freshers Extravagant Spending Trap In The Campus

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I know these is not only common to unilorin students alone it is also common to students of other institution.I know you are asking what could that be. The answer is not far fetched am talking about extravagant spending...

Mouau Back Of Admin Lodges Covered With Heaps Of Dirt

7 hours ago   |   3 Comments

If you are a student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and haven't been or lived in any of the lodges at the Back of Admin, you just came to the school today. The "Back of Admin" lodges as they are...

Eksu Female Students Constantly Expose Their Breast To Tempt Me - Vice Chancellor

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The newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Ekiti State University, EKSU, Prof. Samuel Oye Bamidele, in an interview opened up on the increasing daily temptation that school presents and how he has managed to overcome te...

The God's Have Visited Uniosun, Ikire Community With Heavy Rains

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Today is indeed a horrible flood experience for many dwellers of Ikire community, particularly the students and more specifically those residing off school area. Right now, I actually do wish I was one of those who staye...

Mouau Student Slumbs During Water Baptism

8 hours ago   |   37 Comments

As the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike rounds off her second semester examinations, students in final year who just finished their degree exams are in high spirit and glad for having gone through the hu...

Ui, Tasued Graduates Cry Out Over 9 Years Delayed Certificate

8 hours ago   |   5 Comments

Graduates of the University of Ibadan in affiliation with Tai Solarin University of Education Lagos State, on Monday, condemned the institution’s management over its refusal to release their certificates. A male alumn...

How My Girlfriend Proposed To A Fudma Guy And The Guy Blasted Her

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Tell me what do you think, Should a girl propose to a guy in campus?

This happened on Wednesday afternoon in FUDMA campus. There was this girl, Michelle, who had a big crush on a certain guy, James, in her...

How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running Campus Students Mad

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How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running Campus Students Mad

Charley Networking, the networking grandfather, Eee, baby how are you now?, Charley I dey ooo, which one dey on board now, is it ultimate cycler abi...

Is The Oau Payment And Registration Deadline A Money-Making Ploy?

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Is the OAU payment and Registration deadline a Money-Making Ploy?

There is a perceivable tension in the air, a tangible unease, as Students of Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU rouse themselves to the tasks o...

New Revolution Of Midnight Thieves Looting At Tipper Garage Student Hostel Area

8 hours ago   |   3 Comments

As exactly 2:00am at the wee hours of today, while fast asleep in my room a loud noise struck through the quiet night and awaken me from my serenity. It was a shout from the room next to mine saying, "THIEVES! THIEVES...

It's Mouau Final Year Water Baptism Galore Again!

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As it is the custom in many Nigerian universities where final year students are inundated with water bathe after their supposed last exams in the campus Mouau is once again back to that "water baptism" time of the year.<...

5 Categories Of Students You Can Find In A Nigerian Campus

8 hours ago   |   26 Comments

The following are some of the categories ofstudents you will see in a typical Nigerian University.
1.The Deeper Lifers
This isn’t about the church ‘Deeper LifeChristian Fellowship’ itself but the reli...

Hey Freshers Y'all Getting The Feel Of Unilorin?

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Welcome back to campuspunch. Its been a while I must say. Yeah! Its good having you guys back here. So what do I have for you? Guessed you've been seeing all those people persuading you to bank with them, or make you...

Unical Bursar Suspended Over Alleged Fraud, Forgery

9 hours ago   |   11 Comments

The University of Calabar authority on Monday suspended the bursar, Mr. Peter Agi, over allegations of fraud, forgery and threat to life. It would be recalled that academic and administrative activities in UNICAL wer...

The Sad Death Of Angel O'brien & The Ills Of Cultism

9 hours ago   |   51 Comments

The evils cultism has contributed to the education sector are enough to call a referendum on shutting down campuses for life but no one would agree with me because even secondary schools are now at the forefront of cult...

Unimaid Students Spotted Reading With Street Lights

9 hours ago   |   29 Comments

it's heart breaking when youths look up to the government to provide certain facilities for learning and these students are left to fend themselves. As seen in the university of maiduguri,the picture of how the stude...

The Novella On Its Way. Watch Out!

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I must say its kinda cold this morning. its harmattan you know? so what do I have for you? Nothing much oh just a little piece of gist. there's is a campus story coming up soon on campus punch. based on campus. how...

Oau Banned From Hosting Nuga Games

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OAU banned from hosting NUGA Games 

The Nigeria University Games Association has suspended Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU from hosting the Association's biannual NUGA Games. This development was p...

Uniabuja Sug President Suspended For N4 Million Corruption Charges

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Chris Ifeanyi, the SUG president of Uniabuja  who is allegedly facing corruption charges of 4 million naira has been suspended from his position by the SUG parliament until further notice. The news was released by a...

Cooking Practice: Fine Unizik Girl Who Doesn't Know How To Cook Okro Soup

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Cooking Practice: Fine Unizik Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Cook Okro Soup

That was how one fine looking, tall and fair girl in the School hostel today, Unizik Hostel A, was practicing how to cook Okro soup...

Tanke Begins To Bubble With Students

10 hours ago   |   2 Comments

Can you recollect all that gossip hovering around school, about resuming somewhere at the ending of September or  more likely at the beginning of October before we left for hols? I remember hearing about all that rumour...

Unilorin Student Hostel Thief Goes Corporate

10 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Unilorin Student Hostel Thief Goes Corporate

It has happened again ohh. Ask me what? Okay. I was coming out to of my room yesterday afternoon when I saw a guy came out of my friends room. Since she h...

Na Students Get Money Pass - Is It True?

10 hours ago   |   29 Comments

Na Students Get Money Pass - Is It True?

Many at times, students have been grouped among the highly rich individuals because of their status as students even when some of them are the ones personally taking...

Mouau Students Resort To Selling Their Phones To Sort Courses

10 hours ago   |   1 Comment

As exams suddenly come to a relieving end students in the Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida Hostel of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and those at the New Hostel blocks, are making a last minute rush at s...