Oau Tech Store - Interview With Dgc Manager Adeyemo Henry

6 hours ago   |   10 Comments

I got to sit down with Adeyemo Henry, the Manager of Deliberty Global Company Ltd, situated on OAU campus. If you could recall, I reviewed the Awesome Deliberty double Store last week in the post titled "The Best Tech St...

How Students Can Make More Money While In School

6 hours ago   |   41 Comments

How Students Can Make More Money While in School
Campus Punch in partnership with other kindhearted organizations has searched for and has created different avenues to help students make more money while i...

Students, Why Is Sleeping During Sermon A Habit?

6 hours ago   |   20 Comments

Borne out of continuous occurrence and in relation to life on our campuses as obtainable even in the lecture rooms with hyper boring lectures, we still prefer to keep wake enjoying grumbling over those boring lectures an...

How To Request For Any Prize Won On Campuspunch

6 hours ago   |   9 Comments

How to Request For Any Prize Won on CampusPunch

CampusPunch has progressively become the most entertaining student community in Nigeria. And part of the efforts to keep the fun in this community is the many...

Mouau Best Couple Of The Year Exchange Heated Blows

6 hours ago   |   41 Comments

The entire lodge woke up this morning to the heavy noise emanating from Room 12, the room where Mr and Mrs. Philip lives. The winners of the best couple competition in the lodge last year, are students of the Michael...

Ladies Is Your Fashion Madness Grooming You Into Laziness?

7 hours ago   |   2 Comments

In a world where people remain relevant either by the things they do, wear or say, competition is inherent not minding if it is a healthy or an unhealthy one. I saw this kind of a not too healthy competition, though l...

How To Bid And Win On Campuspunch

7 hours ago   |   3 Comments

How to Bid and Win on CampusPunch

To bid and win free products such as laptops, phone tablets and food provisions on the BIDDING SECTION...

Ladies And Their Rules - Just Me Thinking Out Loud!

8 hours ago   |   5 Comments

I'm guilty as hell tho...The feeling of bn natural or not going extreme yl fixing ur make up. Its funny how we ladies set our own rules and stil cant meet up with dem. Rules bouh not falling in love when lonely, rules ab...

You Don't Want To End A College Duff

8 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Are you a college duff? Have you be been wondering why those classmates of yours are flocking around you? You might be a fool without you even knowing it. FOOL IN DISGUISE. Why does she only call you when w...

Ladies Which Colour Of Lipstick Will U Go For?

9 hours ago   |   23 Comments

ladies which colour of lipstick will u go for..... I choose 2.....

How Fashion Trends Are Affecting Dressing Styles In Our Campuses

9 hours ago   |   2 Comments

How many students can rock African fashion, the way we parade English culture?

Cloth is something we put on everyday, but when it comes to choosing the proper outfit to match or to bring out new styles, a f...

Ladies And Gents Who Rock The Short Skirt Well

10 hours ago   |   27 Comments

ladies and guys who rock the short skirt well....I will go for number 2

What Do You Do With Your Lecture Free Days?

11 hours ago   |   20 Comments

What do you do with your lecture-free weekdays? To begin with, most students do not have the luxury of getting to stay in their rooms or wherever they may choose, on weekdays I.e Monday-Friday. I know, I know, it's u...

Inspirational: Lessons We Learn From Life

11 hours ago   |   10 Comments

Life is filled with principles. Life is funny because you’ll always learn something from anything you do. There are lessons in this life, that we must learn in order to get the most out of it. What are those lesson...

You Cannot Look Into A Ladies Bag, Why?

11 hours ago   |   21 Comments

Ladies have this attitude of getting so well dressed and carrying along their designers handbag looking all beautiful just to match their outfit. Same was for this beautiful Nekede female student who l met in a new gener...

How Has Cooked Beans Saved Your Life As A Student?

11 hours ago   |   62 Comments

It is a life saver. All the way through the days in the boarding houses, it ranked number one on our tables in the refectory and we enjoyed it without an option. So many people see it as an enemy when it comes to foo...

7 Silly Mistakes Made By Campus Ladies When They Fall In Love Too Fast.

12 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Ever came across these set of Campus ladies and all the do in the name of falling in love. Now consider these 7 Silly Mistakes Made By Campus Ladies When They Fall In Love Too Fast and see if you'll recognize any. 1....

5 Reasons You Must Graduate With A First Class Degree

12 hours ago   |   10 Comments

5 Reasons why a First Class Degree is far Better Are you contemplating on the importance of graduating with a first class degree? These are five reasons you must graduate with a first class degree. 1. It places you ahe...

Ask These Top 7 Questions During A Job Interview

13 hours ago   |   0 Comments

After leaving school and campus life graduates are faced with the real world and would need to find a job. To able to get one they would always be presented with interview situation. How they perform at this time can mea...

Taking The Flaws Out Of Your Campus Love Life

13 hours ago   |   4 Comments

Have you ever asked yourself why the last relationship wasn't a success? Was it your fault or the other way round? Ok, just take some time to scan through some of these useful points. So here we go....... The first...

Campus Bidding: How To Upgrade To Level 2 & 3 Bidding

13 hours ago   |   15 Comments

Campus Bidding: How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 Bidding

Campus Punch Bidding has always being free, as we all know. Once you have Signed Up for an account you can bid on any level. Signing Up is free...

What Fashion Truly Is - By Gloria

14 hours ago   |   7 Comments

Sometimes in life girls see fashion as an everyday activity ;) .men believed that without fashion girls would be too local and archaic, but the truth is that with or without fashion a girl will always be pretty because t...

Ranks On Campus Punch – Meaning And Special Privilege

15 hours ago   |   10 Comments


A new ranking system has been developed for members of CampusPunch community.

Every registered member is given a rank status depending on...

Students, How Does Your Eating Habits Affect You?

15 hours ago   |   8 Comments

Every day of our lives, we make decisions, some small and some big. Irrespective of the type of decisions we make, they all have an impact on our lives, in one way or the other. What to eat? What to wear? Where to go? Ho...

How Campus Ladies Turn Church Sunday Into Fashion Madness

16 hours ago   |   14 Comments

It's a festival of photos and flashing lights. It's a wide kaleidoscope of beautiful colours and stylish designs. Gucci Shoes, Rolex watches, and Suits and Blazers of Italian Craft. African Ankara tailored in sumptuous E...

8 Rules Of Living Less Extravagant

17 hours ago   |   1 Comment

Some mistakes are in reversible at times we students make a stupid decisions which either backfired or leave us to face the consequences. If this happens it leaves a scar to be remembered. I remembered a 100level female...

Campus Coins: The Fastest Way To Earn Coins

17 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Campus Coins: The Fastest Way to Earn Coins
In a few steps you're going to learn the fastest way to earn and grow your coins on CampusPunch.

Have you seen the image above?
Have you noticed it has a si...

Why I Can't Go For Night Classes?

17 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Recently I've been sleeping a lot at night, and I've been feeling much better. I feel I can actually breathe, see things clearer, I'm mentally sharper and I feel less lethargic during the day. And no I haven't been on na...

Who Is Ikire Campus Fashion Police?

19 hours ago   |   1 Comment

Who Is Ikire Campus Fashion Police?

   Osun State University, Uniosun boast of a Uniosun Ikire Campus Police. Yea, that sounds lovely as the name as also appears. Maybe you would like to g...

Why Do Campus Ladies Love Male Stylists?

19 hours ago   |   10 Comments

It is no longer news that the fashion world has so evolved that not just only the women are actively involved in it. Men these days compete in every aspect of fashion and style and they (men) are even taking the edge ove...