How Fashion Trends Are Affecting Dressing Styles In Our Campuses

Jun 21, 2018   |   2 Comments

How many students can rock African fashion, the way we parade English culture?

Cloth is something we put on everyday, but when it comes to choosing the proper outfit to match or to bring out new styles, a f...

Campus Bidding: Step By Step Process On How To Bid And Win

May 21, 2018   |   8 Comments

Win a Laptop for only 30 Naira. Are you surprised? 

Yes, on Campus Bidding you can bid and win phones, phone tablets and laptops for N30 or less. That's super cool, right?!

I'm going to te...

How To Survive In A Nigerian Campus In This Recession

Oct 20, 2017   |   12 Comments

How to Survive in a Nigerian Campus In this Recession

I have spent all of my previous semesters as a student of Obafemi Awolowo University living on campus, and witnessing both the awesomeness and horrors o...

3 Ways To Earn Quick N5000 Cash Daily As A Student

Aug 31, 2017   |   6 Comments

3 Ways to Earn Quick N5000 Cash Daily As a Student

On CampusPunch community we have created different avenues for members to make money from this great platform. This is part of our topmost mission to...

Special Assignment – All You Need To Know

Aug 29, 2017   |   4 Comments

Special Assignment – All You Need To Know

Are you a new member in CampusPunch Community? And wondering what Special Assignment is all about? Well I’m sure somehow by looking at the Special Assignment place...

Campus Coins: The Fastest Way To Earn Coins

Aug 1, 2017   |   3 Comments

Campus Coins: The Fastest Way to Earn Coins
In a few steps you're going to learn the fastest way to earn and grow your coins on CampusPunch.

Have you seen the image above?
Have you noticed it has a si...

Campus Bidding: How To Upgrade To Level 2 & 3 Bidding

Jul 5, 2017   |   15 Comments

Campus Bidding: How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 Bidding

Campus Punch Bidding has always being free, as we all know. Once you have Signed Up for an account you can bid on any level. Signing Up is free...

How To Request For Any Prize Won On Campuspunch

Jul 5, 2017   |   9 Comments

How to Request For Any Prize Won on CampusPunch

CampusPunch has progressively become the most entertaining student community in Nigeria. And part of the efforts to keep the fun in this community is the many...

How To Bid And Win On Campuspunch

Jul 1, 2017   |   3 Comments

How to Bid and Win on CampusPunch

To bid and win free products such as laptops, phone tablets and food provisions on the BIDDING SECTION...

Ranks On Campus Punch – Meaning And Special Privilege

Jun 20, 2017   |   10 Comments


A new ranking system has been developed for members of CampusPunch community.

Every registered member is given a rank status depending on...

Free Online Advertising For Businesses On Campus Punch

Jun 19, 2017   |   1 Comment

Free Online Advertising for Businesses on Campus Punch
Looking for free online advertising for your business and a first of its kind viral marketing system? Then look no further.

Campus Punch is offering...

How To Buy/sell Coins On Campuspunch

Jun 12, 2017   |   10 Comments

How to Buy/Sell Coins on CampusPunch
I'm sure you would be reeling with smiles from one corner of your mouth to the next if you have been a old member of the CampusPunch community and to see that finally it is...

What To Do With The Money In Your Wallet

Apr 1, 2017   |   0 Comments

What to do with the Money in Your Wallet

Are you one of those who wonder what the money in your CampusPunch Wallet can be used for?

Or maybe you already know a few things you can do with the money, b...

How Students Can Make More Money While In School

Feb 8, 2017   |   41 Comments

How Students Can Make More Money While in School
Campus Punch in partnership with other kindhearted organizations has searched for and has created different avenues to help students make more money while i...

How Students Can Make Money In A Private University Like Bowen

Feb 1, 2017   |   5 Comments

How Students Can Make Money in a Private University Like Bowen

Hello everybody...hope you're feeling fine...hello everybody, hope you're feeling, feeling feeling ...hope you're feeling fine!!! Good even...

At The Eve Of A School Exam - What Goes On In Our Mind

Oct 20, 2016   |   3 Comments

Your brain is burning. Not with an overload of information, your mental faculties are aflame with fear. It's 11:39 pm, and in exactly 9 hours and 29 minutes you will probably be in an examination room, where all your wor...

How Has Cooked Beans Saved Your Life As A Student?

Sep 16, 2016   |   62 Comments

It is a life saver. All the way through the days in the boarding houses, it ranked number one on our tables in the refectory and we enjoyed it without an option. So many people see it as an enemy when it comes to foo...

Six Outrageous Lies Guys Tell Their Girlfriends

Sep 15, 2016   |   29 Comments

Here is what I would categorize as the top six (6) most frequently repeated lies that men tell to women. 1. "Why do I have two cell phones? Well, one is for friends and one is for family, close...

5 Most Common Fashion Faux-Pass Campus Ladies Must Avoid

Sep 14, 2016   |   22 Comments

"Fashion fades,only style remains the same" according to Coco Chanel. Everyone likes to get dressed and showcase their outfits.But sometimes in order to flaunt our attires we tend to overdo.So here are some...

Oau Tech Store - Interview With Dgc Manager Adeyemo Henry

Sep 9, 2016   |   10 Comments

I got to sit down with Adeyemo Henry, the Manager of Deliberty Global Company Ltd, situated on OAU campus. If you could recall, I reviewed the Awesome Deliberty double Store last week in the post titled "The Best Tech St...

5 Reason Why You Should Strive For A First Class Degree

Sep 6, 2016   |   16 Comments

Are you contemplating on the importance of graduating with a first class degree? These are five reasons you might want to consider as to why you should graduate with a first class degree.

1. It places yo...

Being Top Of Your Class Doesn't Gurantee Sucess In Life

Sep 4, 2016   |   21 Comments

This is more for we students, it will pay you a lot to take note of these wise words.In the words of Prof. Able for Sedofia from University of Ghana;
â— Academic excellence is overrated! I said it. Being top of your cl...

The Best Tech Stores On Campus Every Oau Student Must Know

Sep 3, 2016   |   6 Comments

Okey dokey, I'm on the road again. This time I'm searching for the best Tech stores on the Obafemi Awolowo university campus, who offer services related to phones, laptops and their accessories....I'm going to check them...

What Do You Do With Your Lecture Free Days?

Sep 1, 2016   |   20 Comments

What do you do with your lecture-free weekdays? To begin with, most students do not have the luxury of getting to stay in their rooms or wherever they may choose, on weekdays I.e Monday-Friday. I know, I know, it's u...

5 Effective Study Tips For Every Student In Campus

Aug 30, 2016   |   26 Comments

5 Effective Study Tips for Every Student in Campus

You will agree with me that getting into the university isn't just the the big deal, getting good grades and learning what you are there for is the big dea...

5 Ways To Increase Your Intelligence As A Student - By Logicman

Aug 30, 2016   |   20 Comments

There are a number of normal activities that we participate in day by day that could hamper or improve our intelligence. This activities more or less effects our minds and improve or dull our sensibilities. Our remain's...

17 Excuses That Can Kill Your Future Dreams

Aug 30, 2016   |   23 Comments

While many people dream of becoming better people than they were in the previous years, only a few actually do achieve the feat. Many others allow so many factors make them derail from pursuing their dreams and this is n...

Students, Why Is Sleeping During Sermon A Habit?

Aug 28, 2016   |   20 Comments

Borne out of continuous occurrence and in relation to life on our campuses as obtainable even in the lecture rooms with hyper boring lectures, we still prefer to keep wake enjoying grumbling over those boring lectures an...

Never Play With A Ladies Heart - Snatches Of Truth From Nuella

Aug 28, 2016   |   18 Comments

THE CAREFULLNESS OF A LADY . HEAR THIS TODAY. . Never you play with a girl's heart because, It might lead to a curse upon you, a prayer with tears ain't neglected in heaven and on earth. . Some questions you ought...

Are You Still Friends With Your 100L Clique?

Aug 27, 2016   |   12 Comments

Meeting new people, making new friends, socialising with people in the same boat as you are, these are all intricacies of entering a new institution. Naturally, you get to form a social circle of individuals you relate w...