Korede Bello Lights Up Nij Students Week

6 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Mavin records act, Korede Bello lit up the stage at the Nigerian Institute Of Journalism, (NIJ) ongoing Student Week. Immediately he went up the stage, the students could not hide their love for the Nigerian Police...

Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - By Chimezie Israel

7 hours ago   |   30 Comments

Selfie has always been something I cherish so much until it became part of me... So when I heared of the contest,I decided to be part of it, I said to myself, "I should be part of this". I wasn't born to follow and am no...

Arrow Of Love

7 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Arrow of Love
Heavily it drops
Joule of compassion to the receiver.
The arrows struck.
Rowing like a paddle,
And gleams like gold.

The tears drops like diamonds,
As it flows through the va...

Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - By Ebunam Raluchukwu

7 hours ago   |   29 Comments

if you don't see yourself as a winner,you can't perform as a winner.I see myself as a beautiful and endowed teen.I've always aspired to become a celebrity be it in the field of entertainment or politics. I will make a gr...

Welcome To Face Of Campus

9 hours ago   |   11 Comments

welcome to the face of campus most photogenic students contest, and it's getting hotter this is the season, the voting kicked off yesterday with three of our contestant already topping the list, Cynthia, Noami, joy,...

Ruth Ejimofor Emerges First Miss Face Of Campus

10 hours ago   |   11 Comments

As it turns out beautiful young model, Ruth Ejimofor, a 22 year old computer science student from Michael Okpara University, MOUAU emerged as the first Miss Face of Campus. Face of campus, the campus most exciting onl...

Lol...check Out At This Phd Madness

10 hours ago   |   19 Comments

when you are terribly in need of an office even while working in an agricultural farm

Aocoed Exam Best Wishes From Rachael

11 hours ago   |   0 Comments

Greatest AOCOEDIANS I'm using this medium to notify the AOCOEDIANS not to forget the spirit focus, u Your future is in your hand, the easiest way a man can change your focus is to give you another thing to focus on, your...

Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - By Adesokan Oluwatosin

11 hours ago   |   16 Comments

I am writing with great enthusiasms and zest to the respect that I deserve to become the New Face of Campus, which I have been waiting an opportunity like this for me to write. Firstly, I will like to say a very big...

Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - By Anya Nkechi Isabella

11 hours ago   |   15 Comments

*I deserve to be the new face of campus because i would encourage everyone to join this so that they could have the same opportunity just as I have. Likewise I could help promote(the companies sponsoring face of campus...

Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - By Chukwugozie Debbie

12 hours ago   |   28 Comments

I think everyone contesting for face of campus really deserve to be the new face of campus. .winning or losing I appreciate that am one of the contestants and I was able to become a member of campus punch .....I apprecia...

Poem Of Hope

12 hours ago   |   9 Comments

When life is getting you down, And you need a little hope. Look deep down inside yourself, And you’ll find the way to cope. As the rest they are above. When life is getting you down, And all you need is a laugh. F...

Face Of Campus Season Iv Guidelines And Instructions

14 hours ago   |   129 Comments

It is yet another time of the month to kick start the next season of Campus Most Exciting Photogenic Contest, Face of Campus.
Face of Campus Season IV has been issued to kick start 19th Monday, 2...

Campus Bidding -Thank You Campus Punch For The Beverages

14 hours ago   |   11 Comments

hello..I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Campus Punch organizers on the beverages my aunt received. At first I thought it was a scam not until she called me and told me she received the beverage...

Neptune Releases New Hit

14 hours ago   |   2 Comments

Award winning celebrity dj, the international Dj Neptune releases for his smashing hit single so nice featuring Africa mega star and MTV base Africa award winner Davido

1.      A...

Hottie!! Unilag Female Students Throw Bump Short Car Wash Show To Mark Hall Week

17 hours ago   |   12 Comments

I wonder what came to their mind to come up with this kind of concept…lolss well its lovely tho see things everywhere… *winks*

Face Of Campus Season Iii Stage 2 Ends

17 hours ago   |   35 Comments

More than anyone else right now the Face of Campus Season III contestants are most anticipating the outcome of the stage two of the photogenic contest that ended mid night Friday.
After a dragged full week between 52...

Valentine Season - How To Know A Correct Guy On Campus

18 hours ago   |   4 Comments

Urhhhhhhh. You know that sound like a subjunctive mood. Like wishing to be in a state or a position. Chillex I'll make you understand now. A day before valentine. Uhmmm at exactly 4 o'clock pm on the 13th of Febr...

You Must Laugh: Ladies Pack Your "head"

19 hours ago   |   6 Comments

I decided to take a break off school environment, off exams and the midnight candle burning and treat myself to a little fun outside school. Then, l travelled to Aba during the weekend. It was a peaceful journey all t...

Two Polytechnics Go Full Day Cultural In Aba

21 hours ago   |   6 Comments

The city of Aba, a popular city in Abia city was brewing hot with students decorated in different cultural attire from two polytechnics in the city namely, Abia Poly and Covenant University whose cultural day seemed to h...

Fun Day: Abia Poly Students Remember Their Ancestors Days

22 hours ago   |   10 Comments

Students' week in every institution comes with a lot of fun, relaxation and excitement. While some think about it as a way of relieving the accumulate stress attending lectures have caused them overtime, others see it as...

Rag Day- Abia Poly Students Run Mad On Street

23 hours ago   |   11 Comments

Students of the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba are having a feel of their students' week which started today, Monday, 8th August, 2016 and it has started with the show of madness as customary in every institution of higher...

14 Abc's Of Life

23 hours ago   |   4 Comments

14 ABC's Of Life A – ACCEPT Accept others for who they are and for the choices they’ve made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions. B – BREAK AWAY Break away from e...

Zee Becomes One Year Older Today And Share In My Day #smiling

1 day ago   |   16 Comments

Good Morning everyone,, Campus punch and Others. Today marks it some years now a Face of Campus contestants was given birth to. Zee is that contestant. Today I celebrate myself and I hope campus punch celebra...

Covenant Polytechnic Sug Host Igwe’S Cultural Day

1 day ago   |   3 Comments

Covenant Polytechnic SUG Host Igwe’s Cultural Day

It was a day of love, fun and fanfare in a recent entertaining show organize by the Students’ Representative Assembly of Covenant Polytechnic, Aba. The orga...

The Campus That Never Sleeps - Life In Unizik

1 day ago   |   13 Comments

THE CAMPUS THAT NEVER SLEEPS- Life in Unizik. Like the slow rising of the sun out if its chambers, the rays of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University sun awaken the sleeping ones. Students of Unizik could be found earl...

Why I Can't Play For Oau Soccer Team

1 day ago   |   4 Comments

When I was in secondary school, football chances were few and far between. I thought university would be an even more difficult place to get recognized for my footballing abilities, guess what? I had no idea what I was t...

Jokes: The Oversabi Student

1 day ago   |   15 Comments

Student: "Sir, can I ask a question?" Teacher: "Yes!" Student: "How do you put an elephant inside a fridge?" Teacher: "I don't know." Student: "It's easy, you just open the fridge and put it in. I have another quest...

Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - By Eboziegbe Joyce

1 day ago   |   25 Comments

It is indeed a great joy of being part of the "face of campus" contest (season 3).Getting to meet different contestants and associating with them has really been fun and exciting. I enjoyed every moment on social media w...

Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - Amasiaku Chiamaka

1 day ago   |   12 Comments

Life is about challenges and defeating those challenges is the greatest struggle of everyone. Success is not achieved by folding one's hands but by facing challenges as they come. When I found out about face of campus, i...