Zee Becomes One Year Older Today And Share In My Day #smiling

7 hours ago   |   16 Comments

Good Morning everyone,, Campus punch and Others. Today marks it some years now a Face of Campus contestants was given birth to. Zee is that contestant. Today I celebrate myself and I hope campus punch celebra...

How Shoprite Shut It Door On A Unilorin Girl

9 hours ago   |   2 Comments

It was another fateful experience yesterday when the Shoprite located in Ilorin, Kwara State, completely shut its doors against me and my UNIILORIN girl friends as a crowd of people stormed their store for the public hol...

The Campus That Never Sleeps - Life In Unizik

9 hours ago   |   13 Comments

THE CAMPUS THAT NEVER SLEEPS- Life in Unizik. Like the slow rising of the sun out if its chambers, the rays of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University sun awaken the sleeping ones. Students of Unizik could be found earl...

14 Abc's Of Life

11 hours ago   |   4 Comments

14 ABC's Of Life A – ACCEPT Accept others for who they are and for the choices they’ve made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions. B – BREAK AWAY Break away from e...

Ruth Ejimofor Emerges First Miss Face Of Campus

11 hours ago   |   11 Comments

As it turns out beautiful young model, Ruth Ejimofor, a 22 year old computer science student from Michael Okpara University, MOUAU emerged as the first Miss Face of Campus. Face of campus, the campus most exciting onl...

Students' Life(Hilarious Photo)

12 hours ago   |   19 Comments

Who says students' life is easy????Oya look at the photo and prove me wrong.(Lolz).Please ooo,we students are always busy so are the parts of our body.Lolz.

Campus Hunger - What Would You Do If This Happens?

12 hours ago   |   8 Comments

Imagine this scenario : It's 6 pm, and you're just returning to your room since you departed it 8am. You only had indomie for breakfast, and you've had tiring class after class all day, relentlessly. You're worn to th...

Campus Bidding - I Want To Thank Campuspunch By Cherryk

12 hours ago   |   14 Comments

Campus Bidding - I Want to Thank CampusPunch by Cherryk

Hello I'm cherry and I'm also a member of CampusPunch. I registered as a member newly and to be honest I was full of doubt wen I came across their gi...

Face Of Campus Season Iii Kick Starts August 15Th 2016

12 hours ago   |   7 Comments

Face of Campus Season III has been scheduled to kick start on 15th August, 2016. Preparations on the contestants end and by the sponsors are well along for the exciting online photo contest on

Two Polytechnics Go Full Day Cultural In Aba

12 hours ago   |   6 Comments

The city of Aba, a popular city in Abia city was brewing hot with students decorated in different cultural attire from two polytechnics in the city namely, Abia Poly and Covenant University whose cultural day seemed to h...

Okojie Lydia Eseoghene Becomes Uniben Miss Photogenic 2016

13 hours ago   |   5 Comments

Winner of Uniben Miss Photogenic 2016: Okojie Lydia Eseoghene. She emerged victorious at of 32 contestants that contested. 100 level student University of Benin,Faculty of Education(accounting education). She is from...

Hottie!! Unilag Female Students Throw Bump Short Car Wash Show To Mark Hall Week

13 hours ago   |   12 Comments

I wonder what came to their mind to come up with this kind of concept…lolss well its lovely tho see things everywhere… *winks*

Harmattan - A Woman We All Love

13 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Oh, where you gone my sweet love oh, ecstasy of my romance at moonlight, the sweetness of my heart pound at sunlight why have you been long coming

And there she enters, lifted by a royal ca...

Face Of Campus Season Iii Stage 2 Ends

13 hours ago   |   35 Comments

More than anyone else right now the Face of Campus Season III contestants are most anticipating the outcome of the stage two of the photogenic contest that ended mid night Friday.
After a dragged full week between 52...

Do You Know This 20 Popular Slangs Used On Our Campuses?

14 hours ago   |   9 Comments

Nigeria students are exceptional! There's nothing you won't hear on our campuses especially when things don't look sexy. See some of funny slangs mostly used by student. In a typical gathering of young Nigerians, the...

Aocoed Exam Best Wishes From Rachael

14 hours ago   |   0 Comments

Greatest AOCOEDIANS I'm using this medium to notify the AOCOEDIANS not to forget the spirit focus, u Your future is in your hand, the easiest way a man can change your focus is to give you another thing to focus on, your...

Crazy And Bizarre Outfits Rocks Unilag Costume Day

14 hours ago   |   17 Comments

It has been a full dose of humour and fun as the final year students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) celebrates their costume day. The students from across various departments wore different costumes ranging from...

Meet An Uprising M.c - Ekpe Daniel Martine

14 hours ago   |   3 Comments

 Ekpe Daniel Martine is a young talent who has a passion to be a renowned name as Master of Ceremonies. I met him in one office around MFM junction, tanke, that he usually frequents every afternoon.

Good Aft...

Wow!! Female Graduate Who’S A Shoemaker Receives Her First Award

15 hours ago   |   12 Comments

The pretty Michelle Ekure, a female shoe maker who’s doing nice works, has received her first award. The Delta-born lady is a graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Benin, but ventured int...

Tweets Of The Week: 8 Most Hilarious Tweets About Happenings In Nigeria

15 hours ago   |   7 Comments

IN AFRICA, THE ONLY WARNING THEY TAKE SERIOUS is "LOW BATTERY" 11:09 PM - 9 Jun 2016 3 5 IG: Obama_Naija @Obama_naija RIP Stephen Keshi..... one of the best musician Nigeria have produced.. I love all his son...

Roll Out Of Face Of Campus Season Iii Contestants

16 hours ago   |   21 Comments

Over the weekend a new set of contestants had been rolling out on the Face of Campus voting page. These are set of beautiful faces, really handsome guys and lovely and amazing ladies you would like to spend quality tim...

Face Of Campus Season Iv Guidelines And Instructions

16 hours ago   |   129 Comments

It is yet another time of the month to kick start the next season of Campus Most Exciting Photogenic Contest, Face of Campus.
Face of Campus Season IV has been issued to kick start 19th Monday, 2...

Who Is Face Of Campus Season Iii?

16 hours ago   |   48 Comments

At long last Face of Campus Season III has come to a beautiful climax. One thing is left to be done: to announce the winner of Campus Photogenic Student contest Season III We want to believe we have created a measure of...

Rag Day- Abia Poly Students Run Mad On Street

16 hours ago   |   11 Comments

Students of the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba are having a feel of their students' week which started today, Monday, 8th August, 2016 and it has started with the show of madness as customary in every institution of higher...

S V G Red Carpet Blast

17 hours ago   |   0 Comments

Bringing to your is the s v g red carpet blast. The SUCCOTH VALLEY GARDEN END OF YEAR. Its an evening of music and more. DRESS CODE: casual dress. DATE: 12th DEC. 2015 SHOWTIME: 6:00pm pr...

Fun Day: Abia Poly Students Remember Their Ancestors Days

17 hours ago   |   10 Comments

Students' week in every institution comes with a lot of fun, relaxation and excitement. While some think about it as a way of relieving the accumulate stress attending lectures have caused them overtime, others see it as...

Face Of Campus Season Iii Enters Second Stage

17 hours ago   |   35 Comments

Face of Campus season III stage one has just ended. It was a lovely end to the Single Selfie Stage between 76 candidates. At the early hours and days that...

Welcome To Face Of Campus

18 hours ago   |   11 Comments

welcome to the face of campus most photogenic students contest, and it's getting hotter this is the season, the voting kicked off yesterday with three of our contestant already topping the list, Cynthia, Noami, joy,...

Jokes: Where Corruption Started

19 hours ago   |   20 Comments

I don't tink that it is today DAT corruption started my bro e don tey....Did ever tried wining that big balloon as a kid? Did you ever won it?  I bet you never did.

Wow!!! I Bet 99% Of You Did Not Know Half Of These Things?

20 hours ago   |   17 Comments

I bet you didn’t know, so sit back and read things that are so simple but will surprise you! Rabbits and Parrots Did you know that rabbits and parrots can see what is behind them without turning their heads? Kangar...