New Revolution Of Midnight Thieves Looting At Tipper Garage Student Hostel Area

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As exactly 2:00am at the wee hours of today, while fast asleep in my room a loud noise struck through the quiet night and awaken me from my serenity. It was a shout from the room next to mine saying, "THIEVES! THIEVES!! THIEVES!!!"

The whole hostel was quickly awoken. Everyone was out asking " where has he ran to?" Out of fear I snuggled up in my bed and I was peeping through my window listening to the hysterical noise, boisterous ranting and uncontrolled uproar of my lodge mates. Sadly the thief had scuttled off before the crowd was out of their rooms.

Mike, the guy that caught them was awake in that mid of the night. Only God knows what kept this brother awake at this hour - maybe he was surfing the net, watching a movie, reading or something. Whatever it was he was doing he was our Superman this morning. Mike narrates the scene, " I have been looking and tracing them through my window, they wore no shoes, they weren't talking, were communicating with hands, two of them wanted to carry a guys generator which he left outside the previous night and I started shouting Thieves! Thieves! Thieves!"
Suddenly the guy next door who heard the shout reacted quickly to catch the thieves but before he could make any obvious attempt the thief was gone.

This same incidence took place last week in the lodge. Those thieves tore the same guy, Mike's window net, and made away with his girlfriends bag of jewelries. The guy and his girlfriend didn't even notice what happened until the morning when she was getting dressed and she discovered she couldn't get her rings and pendants. Now was that her reward for staying over the weekend in her boy friends place. She was filled with anger and frustration.

Could we probably assume that as a reason why Mike was wide awake knowing his great friends will come back? They weren't able to see the thieves at the long run because they were more at alert than you could ever think of.

Oh! sorry I forgot to tell you that they also tore the net of Abiola staying opposite my room. Unfortunately his trousers were on the chair close to the window. They took his belt and his little change too. They were so nice they left his trousers outside for him. You know why?  Funny enough this guy I'm talking about is so fat and I presume the trousers won't fit well on them. just saying though.

so.. what could be done about this kinda situation? we do have vigilantes or rather securities who hoot with their flute exactly around 10 locally trying to say LIGHT OUT. Could it be they went back to bed while they ought to be securing us? IT BAFFLES ME THOUGH But what more could be done about it? I TIRE OHHHH.

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