Nasu Oau Gives V.c Who Is Alive A Befitting Burial

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NASU OAU Gives V.C Who is Alive A Befitting Burial

The (now erstwhile) Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo university of Ile-ife,Osun state, Professor Bamitale Omole, has died. Or has he? If he ain't dead why is there a coffin, and a crowd of mourners in white?

Being familiar with rumour trends amongst the more misinformed population of the country, I "know" that Jackie Chan and Kevin McCallister(remember that poxy kid from Disney's "Home alone" 1&2?) are dead. When people talk about "when they were alive" they speak in lofty terms, extolling their on-screen superhuman abilities, which they take to be real. You rarely see anyone mocking them.

Yet they're alive, and so is Prof. Omole. In fact, Professor can lay claim to the detestable title of being rumoured to have died more times than Jackie, which should suggest that he is the more popular of the two. In 2014, OAU students, especially fresh students, danced around the university Senate building carrying an effigy representing him (it looked nothing like the guy!), mourning not necessarily his demise, but his super-human and stark-life ability to raise the fees payable to the treasury under his watch by the students, right over the ceiling of the world. Incredible scenes I tell ya, there was even a sermon!

23rd June 2016, the mourning is back after a two year break, and so is the sermon. Guess people wanted him to finish his tenure before dancing him to the tunes of shame once more, so that this time he won't be sacking or rusticating anyone (which he did in 2014). This time there's even a coffin, which should cheer him up a bit, and better dressed mourners. The Non-academic staff of the Institution rolled out the drums with seasoned drummers, and gave the man a befitting funeral (there was no burial?), right in his lifetime. They weren't mourning, no, they were celebrating the end of his reign. I am tempted to say Draconian reign, but you never know who's reading.
One can only wonder what he could have done to earn such a distasteful air, and who else wants him dead.

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