My First Day In Unilorin

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My first day in PS was like HELL!!! Like oh!... This sun is going to make a soup out of me. But what option have i? None! Ofcourse.
Let's take the time back starting from the beginning.
It was on the 21st of Nov, " did you just say that's late?" Yeah you know unilorin can be so funny atimes. The admission was late or lemme just call it a change of course. Not to beat around the bush, I was on my way to PS as around 8:00am and you won't believe the sun was already building up. After a very long queue I smiled as I eventually got a cab going to PS. So.... After so much of tick plantation and many more thought like..." Why is it taking so long to get to this place nah? Haba! I tire for una oh.
When at last we got to the park i couldnt but gazed at how many people I saw. Like lot of 'em. Now where do I start from?? Not knowing anyone, not even my faculty not to talk of my department. That's how the journey started. You no how it feels when you go to somewhere for the first time?? really ESTRANGED. Met a lady at the long run, she put me through the course registration and payment of fees, took me to the level adviser to sign my completed course form.
After the long hectic day, it was fun taking the school bus back home you know why? Maybe you should try it one of these days. Don't mind the way they pack us like sardines oh what more could be done?? Taking the school bus in the evening could be funny kinda just make sure you are on board with the right set of people and believe me they'll make you laugh out your sorrows. Students and their attitude sha. Someone shouted " baba zoo wa o" another person said" guy you be zoo keeper?" Stuffs like " sanrab wa o driver" and you here from somewhere else " baba no mind him oh nah joke him be fresher " wetin fresher do you people nah?
Now to my fresh students, don't mind them oh before you know it you aren't a fresher again "igara chicken" mind you no pull the coming fresh students legs too ohh. So...that was all for that day.
Its usually once in ones higher education lifetime so don't be too strict with yourself to make the fun out of it.
See you next time. Bye...

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