Mouau Students Shelter Screening Candidates To Make Fast Cash

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Some students have refused to leave the confines of the school because of the incoming screening candidates who many students are seeing as an avenue to make fast money. In return for hospitality of sheltering this aspirants which should normally be free, students of MOUAU have employed it to make gain..

As the MOUAU screening exercise draws nearer with just two days to go before kick off with candidates already coming from as far as Lagos and other distant locations, students who have finished their exams, those who live off campus and close to the school have stayed back in a bid to make sure that the screening candidates coming for the test are made comfortable but not without a price.

Many students have taken to the MOUAU student page on Facebook and other platforms to advertise their readiness to accommodate candidates during the duration of the test for a fee as high as #7,000 with feeding twice a day for 3days or #3,000 without feeding.

According to responses being got, candidates are willing to settle for it as well as will be happy to have someone who is a student of the institution to show them around and brief them on how the school is as well as the pattern of their screening tests. This has also made some students organize tutorials on the screening where they also charge candidates for their time and experience.

How do you see the development and is it a norm in your school, apart from MOUAU?

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