Mouau Students Go Haywire In Search For "ramadan Moon"

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Students of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike who were distressed with their inability to travel for the holidays as declared by the Federal Government because of the distance as compared to those who live in neighbouring states, were seen in the early hours of this morning with some telescope-like pipes looking into sky in a bid to assist the Muslims locate the moon which signals an end to the Ramadan fast.

Some of the students were lamenting over the situation because it has created a kind of lag on their exam schedule and this will invariably affect the timing of the exams and allow them stay in school longer than expected which will alter so many plans these students had already made.

Other students who were not bothered about the turn out of events called out Muslims resident in their hostels and told them to go and look for their missing moon if they wanted to start eating and didn't want a Ramadan fast that will last till eternity.

The Muslim brothers in the hostels were all chased outside by other students and locked doors leading to their rooms just in a bid to catch some fun. Though school looks dry kind of but some students who are endowed with a sense of humour are making the situation a funny one.

Have you seen the moon over there?

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