Mouau Students Bolt Away En Masse As Exams End

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Students of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike have this common culture that once exams end, the only next thing is heading for the exit gate.

I had a friend who would pack his property just before the last paper and immediately he leaves the hall after the last exams, he will hurriedly return to his room, pick up his packed belongings and start heading to town where he would board a bus to Lagos around 11am. It is that bad over here because while students are here, they are caged with academics and have zero or little exposure to social life. So, once the exams end, they are already way off the walls of the institution.

This semester has taken after other semesters as students have been seen all around the campus dragging, pulling and carrying their bags and heading for the gate in a bid to retire home after a stressful 3 to 4 months of "academic torture". The school gate popularly called "gate 6" and the school park have been flooded by students who are on their way home and school is becoming more empty and quiet aside the final year students who have got their projects at hand, the Veterinary Medicine students who write their own exam after other students have gone on vacation, the students enjoying themselves with their campus spouses and those who are waiting to exploit the students coming for their IQ screening tests offering to provide them accommodation but at a cost.

Do you usually hurry home after exams too?

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