Mouau Exams - Students Sitting On Cozy Sits While On Hot Seat

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And on this beautiful morning, I decided to take a walk around the school to smile at those writing the morning papers in the ongoing examinations of MOUAU and I really had a good laugh.

I visited the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (COLNAS) and was shocked on how the students were arranged and seated for the exams.

Ordinarily, examinations in MOUAU are always very hard nuts to crack because of the zero tolerance for exam malpractice in the institution. But this morning, the set of students l saw were placed in a very special and comfortable positions for the exams.

Special plastic tables and chairs were spaciously arranged and a student was given the entire privilege of enjoying the comfort of one. Now, for some unprepared students, the exam has finished long before it started.

I went again to peep, there were all "enjoying" their exams and the comfort it brings only if some won't be too comfortable that they might urinate on their pants when the invigilators scream "five minutes remaining."

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