Mouau - Crowd Of Aspirants Forces Management To Extend Screening Registration

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It has indeed been a beehive of activities in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike as the registrations for the upcoming screening examinations heightens. With the number of aspirants who gained admission into MOUAU this session the intense activity around the campus would not soar down any soon.

Candidates could register from anywhere in the country but most of them has chosen to do this in the school premises due to fear of errors and different candidates from different states of the federation have all converged since Friday, to complete their registration. Consistent stampede was caused yesterday at the University's portal office as the crowd there was enough to pull down the building. It has been tiring for many, and those who have managed to register have testified that MOUAU adhered to the Federal Government's fee of #2,500 answering a question that has been bothering many: Jambites Ask - Would MOUAU Feign Ignorance of N2,500 FG Directive?

Due to the crowd of aspirants clamoring to register for the exam and thousands of the admitted candidates who might not be able to make it within the allotted registration time frame the management has been forced to extend the timing for the registration and has communicated that through the school's website. Registration therefore continues daily and has been extended to the 18th of July.

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serious matter
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Comment...hmm this is serious
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of course I am
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I believe you are not concerned
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wao dats kul I just hope it favours d people concerned
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