Mouau Best Couple Of The Year Exchange Heated Blows

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The entire lodge woke up this morning to the heavy noise emanating from Room 12, the room where Mr and Mrs. Philip lives.

The winners of the best couple competition in the lodge last year, are students of the Michael Okpara University and have been living together in a mini self contain apartment in the Amawom area of the university.

To everyone, they have been seen as a perfect couple and some other students envied them though what they do is wrong, they do not see any evil in it. And just this morning, we noticed that the evil in their hearts for each other is more than the physical good we were forced to see.

Karen and Philip who are both from AkwaIbom state locked themselves inside early this morning and all we could hear from outside of their room were screams and cries. The lady was crying and screaming to the battering she was receiving from the Guy.

We earlier thought it was a "love war" going on, not until when the lady began to bang the door calling on neighbours to come to her rescue.

Narrating what happened to neighbours after she managed to come out, she said she was going through her "husband's" phone last night and saw a nude picture of a female student she knows and the picture must have been sent through WhatsApp because it was stored on the phone and maybe, Philip forgot to delete it after enjoying the view.

She further questioned Philip about it and called him a cheat and that was when she was landed a resounding slap and from there, he started to punch and kick her.

Cohabitation in school is becoming more rampant and deadlier but many think they are enjoying themselves. Karen has packed some of her luggage and said she was going to stay with one of her friends at one of the lodges at the back of Admin.

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