Logicman, Nigerian Comedian - A Must To Watch Out For

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There is one awesome guy, popularly recognized as Logicman that I want to show you guys today. He is one funny Nigerian comedian you need to get to meet. I took a little interview of him so I can show you what stuff  this guy is made of. So join me as we discover Logicman together.

Can we get to know you?
My Name is Uzoma Sunday popularly known as Logicman. I hail from Nsulu village, isialangwa North LGA of Abia state. I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Michael Okpara University Umudike where I acquired my B.Eng degree. Am an actor, comedian and a movie maker.

When did you start your comedy carrier?
What is is, and what is not is not. I started my career as an actor in secondary school when I was the social prefect who was responsible for conducting and organizing of extracurricular activities. Then, I always present jokes to them and they enjoyed it to the extent that some non academical students who don't like coming to school, endeavors to come for the extracurricular activities in order to enjoy my jokes, that was around 2006/2007.
Then,I ventured into nollywood acting in 2012. Since then I have been acting both comedy and other movies though It was truncated by my academic pursuit, but am out for good.The first comedy movie I did (though I didn't act comic) was THE CAMPUS cult featuring : Ime Bishop,Dede One Day and Francis Odega in 2013.

When did you discover comedy as a carrier?
Like I told you earlier, I discovered it while in secondary school. Not only that, even in the university, my course mates always laughed when I answer or ask a question, not that I got it wrong,but its just the spirit of comedy.

Why did you choose your carrier path?
The law of contradiction in Logic states that "something cannot be and not be at the same time". Having the talent is the sole determinant in choosing a carrier. I have the talent, and people enjoy it. I don't act only comedy, hope you didn't forget? I also act normal movies, I present a program known as " Tuesday morning mixed bag" in BCA Television, and people send positive feedback about the program.

Oh, that is an interesting addition. Who is your favourite comedian?
I admire Ayo Makun aka AY
I also respect Nkem Owoh Osuofia

Who is your role model?
My role model is myself LOGICMAN (chuckles)

Apart from comedy what other career choices do you dabble in?
I am an engineer by profession, so am into design and construction.

I believe you act skits.What was the first skit that made you famous?
It was Beautiful lies, a prelude to my program on TV which went viral.

If you had 1 minute to give a last advice to students what advice would you offer?
"What limits you is not what you don't have, rather what you have and cannot use."
My advice to you is to discover your talent at the right time. Some only go to school to read and forgot they can do other things and also read. Take time to study yourself and also get assessed by people around you because "There are 3 people in you, who people thinks you are, who you think you are, and who you really are". Discover who you really are.

Below are several links to Logicman's videos. Watch one at least, Return and tell us what you think of Logicman. Logicman has an account here so he would respond to any question you have for him 












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