Imsu Students Burnt Alive While Cooking In Hostel Room

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There was a time in school when the potters in charge of the hostels moved around with security men, from one room to the other in search of students who make use of electric stoves (we call it hot plates) and other banned electric gadgets on campus.

To some students, it was a bad development because they saw it to be an act of wickedness from the potters who do not encourage them to cook their food right inside their rooms a d the worst of all is that they cook and fry all the red oil inside the same room which contains up to 20 students plus squatters. It posed health hazards and also, environmental problems.

One of the hostels in the new block one day was engulfed in fire and razed down properties belonging to students and some of them had to learn the hard way. Cooking made easy is good, no doubt but it shouldn't be at the detriment of your health. People have lost their lives using electric stoves, pots, boilers and other appliances.

Only yesterday, it was in the news that two guys from Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo were burnt to death in their room and we can only place this to be an act of carelessness or one of those electrical problems that spark fire outbreaks. Many buildings have been burnt by it yet people still remain careless.

When you are in campus, it shouldn't spark a feeling of hate in you but of caution and safety when you are told to do away with those electrical gadgets. It is for your own safety; lives are still being lost through them.

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