Imsu: Exam Commences On 24Th July

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Finally the long awaited Imo state university, IMSU exams for the 2016/2017 exams is now at the brink. This exams which was originally scheduled to hold on July 3rd was pushed further into a later date in July 24.

It has been said and verified that the examination that has been shifted to the 24th of July from the once agreed date on the semester timetable( 3rd of July) is set to commence.

Well I would like to say a few things about this change. This change, I think, was done because:
firstly, students didn't resume on time which would result to no or less passage of knowledge by the lecturers.
secondly, I would even agree to this because I even saw that the duration given to this semester was really short and also no or less knowledge would be passed.
I also think that since this semester is packed with loads of activities this change was necessary.

I'm so glad it was shifted. Just like me, many other Imo State University (IMSU) students can agree that it was a good decision. Many of the IMSU students were beside themselves with joy when the new spiraled through the campus.

No matter happy imsu students could be, the exams are already here and they can't run away from them. All I can say is, "I'm wishing all IMSU students the best in their exams."

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