I Want My Child To Study This & That....how Has It Destroyed Student Careers?

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A lot of times we have heard people say how they were coerced to choose a path where they ordinarily had no intention of settling and this is the kind of force that parents exert on their children when choosing a career path for them.

It has been a burden on so many students as they are studying courses they never had in mind because of the pressures placed on them by their parents to study their own chosen course of study in the university. This has made some students lose focus in what they intend doing and has ultimately made many student unsuccessful in the fields they have been forced settle for.

I have an uncle who has four children and even before their secondary school days, handpicked departments and courses of study in the university for them. He even went ahead to pick the various universities each of them will attend. But one of the children rebelled yet he refuses to listen.

This trend has become a problem and in school l had a friend who had to drop out because he couldn't cope with the pressure the course posed as he wanted to study Fine and Applied Arts but was forced to do Accountancy. This left him an unsuccessful accountant.

Many students have been frustrated by the choices their parents made for them because parents will always believe to know better. They will want a doctor, lawyer, Accountant, Engineer, all at the same time even at the detriment of the children's choices. It kills success, it kills satisfaction.

Have your parents made that decision for you, will you accept their terms if they did?

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