How Unibadan Aro Almost Destroyed Their Relationship

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This happened just last week. So, my friend John has this very nice, beautiful girl as his girlfriend. Her name is Tosin. John is in 300 level, while his girl, Tosin was a freshman.

However, they had known each other before coming to school and it was evident that they liked each other. And you know how it goes, one thing led to the other and they started dating.

John was an Independite (also called Katangaite) while Tosin was a Queenite. These are names used to identify students depending on their hall of residence in Unibadan.

So like all katangaite, John was quite used to Aro, which is a comic term to describe the habit of UI hostel guys making fun of passers-byes. John's girl on the other hand was not quite familiar with Aro.  

So this fateful day, Tosin came to see John in Independence (Indy) Hall. After a while in each other’s company, they decided to go down to the Indomie stand just behind Indy Hall.

While they were on their way, they noticed as they indy hostel guys were throwing lewd jokes at passers-byes, but they paid little attention to it

Long did they know it was going to be there turn. In what was a split seconds the Indy boys sighted them and began to throw their Aro jesting at them. The accused John that he was just Tosin’s ‘vice assistant boyfriend’. It was as though they noticed that their scorn was not having any effect on John, so they switched to John's girlfriend.

They told her that John was lying to her, that he didn’t love her. One of the boys went as far as saying that John had entertained another girl in his room that same morning. And he wasn’t even friends with John.Somehow, what they were saying got through to Tosin, who started accusing John of lying and dishonesty.

She became very agitated over words which were not true. Suddenly, she broke free of John’s embrace and ran down the street.

John had to chase her down and start explaining to her that the boys were just playing and he didn’t even know any of them. When it all fell on deaf ears, he called me up and explained what happened to me.

I knew one of the boys who were involved in the Aro, so I appealed to him to follow me to where John and Tosin were. Together, we explained to her. It took a few minutes before she calmed down. I swear, John almost killed the guy, but for me who restrained him.To those boys fond of doing Aro, be careful what you say. Don’t say you were not warned.

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