How To Buy/sell Coins On Campuspunch

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How to Buy/Sell Coins on CampusPunch
I'm sure you would be reeling with smiles from one corner of your mouth to the next if you have been a old member of the CampusPunch community and to see that finally it is possible to convert the coins you earn on this platform to real cash.

"Awesome", you would exclaim. Even for the newbies the idea must be mouth watering for you too, huh?

As always our determined goal is bring more smile to students in campuses across Nigeria and to seek out new ways to make life more better for each one. We cannot achieve it however, on our own.

Together, with the support of each member like yours we can make this mission of a better campus for all possible. So now, how do you buy and sell coins on CampusPunch?

First, let's discuss how to go about buying coins.
Note, it is not compulsory to buy coins on this platform. Everyone is entitled to earn coins on this platform. Once you are active on the site you gather FREE COINS from the site without buying or paying for coins. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO GATHER FREE COINS

If you however decide to buy coins, possibly because it is urgent for you then follow these simple steps:
1. Go to the BUY/SELL COINS menu.
2. Choose one of the Sell Coins agents in the list.
3. Then click on the BUY COINS beside the chosen agent.
4. Instantly 500 coins would be paid into you coins wallet and N500 would be deducted from your wallet.
NOTE: You must have a minimum of N500 in your account to be able to buy coins.

Now to be a Sell Coins member then you need to be an active member of CampusPunch.
Make sure to gather at least 500 coins in your coins wallet.
Next proceed to the BUY/SELL COINS menu.
Once there, click on the BECOME A SELLER button. Instantly your name would appear on the list.

: You must always make sure you have a minimum of 500 coins in your wallet to retain your position on the Sell Coins member list.

We are glad to have reached this milestone.
We say a BIG THANK YOU to all our fans, supporters and every member of CampusPunch community who is contributing in every little way to grow this community.

We wish you more joys as you enjoy this new feature of BUY/SELL COINS on CampusPunch community.

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