How To Bid And Win On Campuspunch

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How to Bid and Win on CampusPunch

To bid and win free products such as laptops, phone tablets and food provisions on the BIDDING SECTION of CAMPUS PUNCH is pretty easy.

All you need to do is to make sure you are the last bidder when the timer stops.

If you need further explanation consider reading these few simple steps described below.

How to Bid
To bid and win on Campus Punch follow the following simple steps:

*Register as a member on the site.
*As a registered member you are instantly given free 20 coins.
*Once you have opened an account, with your 20 coins you can start bidding.
*To bid click on the BID NOW button clearly labeled in blue.
*Each time you bid the timer refreshes again and starts counting.
*If no other member bids during that time before the timer stops then you have won the bid.
*Remember, to bid at anytime make sure to get at least 20 coins every time you bid. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO GATHER FREE COINS.

How to Win
The be the winner of a particular product or bid is determined by the two timers on each bidding level.
You become the bid winner if you are the last bidder:

When the timer becomes zero (0: 0:0)
*Or at the end of the Bid Expiration Time

To explain better each time you bid, the timer refreshes and starts counting back to zero. If no one bids again until the timer turns zero (0:0:0) then you have become the winner. However, if no one wins throughout the period the timer refreshes then the last bidder to bid at the Bid Expiration time wins. 

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This is super cool..To bid and win
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