How The Devil Could Have Disgraced Chris & His Family With Mgbo In Unizik Exam Hall

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Have you ever been in an exam hall and you were so determined to cheat daring all consequences?

When the devil decides to punish you, he starts by pushing you to disobey instructions.
That was how within the week, at the exams hall, after the normal invigilators warning of "remove whatever that will implicate you, before the exams start; now is the hour of mercy; remove it before the exams begins".

Earlier on the Dean of the UNIZIK Social Science department, Prof. Stella Okunna had gone around and specifically begged the Final year classes to be careful especially concerning malpractices as it could earn them 3 years suspension which will eventually frustrate their lives.

During the second exams of the UNN Political Science Dept. On Wednesday, the eagle eyes of the HOD suddenly fell on one final year student, Chris who was looking quite suspicious.
He ruffled up the guy and got a bunch of well written bullets "MGBO". (Mgbo is a coined Igbo term for small tiny cheating materials students hide with them during exams.)

And as usual the HOD shouted the phrase she had become popular with "Biko nyem that malpractice form". After the usual begging and pleading, he was let to finish his exams.

During the course of that same exams, he was still caught giraffing by another invigilator. The Lecturer was surprised and then had to warn him to keep calm and write his exams in peace.

The most shocking thing was that the guy still kept disturbing all through the exams. Well I would say a time comes in ones life when the fear of failing because more than the fear of being caught, and you don't care if the devil disgraces you and your family.

His luck though, The lecturers were in a good mood not to have made him sign the forms.

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