How Students Can Make Money In A Private University Like Bowen

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How Students Can Make Money in a Private University Like Bowen

Hello everybody...hope you're feeling fine...hello everybody, hope you're feeling, feeling feeling ...hope you're feeling fine!!!
Good evening, people! As the heading suggests, this article addresses money making in private universities ( using Bowen University as a case study).
I'm not sure what obtains in other private universities, but in Bowen University, there's a ban on students engaging in business. By business, I mean selling any kind of stuff at all. You know, in federal and state universities, you can take up tailoring, sale of small chops, barbing etc. You can sell something's in Bowen, but illegally.
In a series of posts starting with this one, I'll be showing ways a private university student can legally earn money. So tune in, and don't forget to comment/ tell me about your money making experience in school!!! Ciao!

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