How She Got Embarrassed For Coming Late To Class

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How She Got Embarrassed For Coming Late to Class

Some lecturers could be mean and in MOUAU it is not less different, we all can attest to that fact. Many of the lecturers in our institutions try to relax during the early stages of resumption and begin to bombard students with Marathon lectures towards the end of the semester before the exams in a bid to cover their course outline.

Today in MOUAUIt was a Use of English class which had three different lecturers handling the course and the head lecturer of the course, a no-nonsense lecturer, fixed his class for 7am on Wednesdays mornings and made attendance mandatory. It was in a university.

Once it is 5 minutes past 7am, he shuts the door and no one comes in. It so happened on this day that he forgot to shut the door after his usual time and students who were late started trooping in. He remained quiet and continued lecturing. That day seemed like a day of grace.

30 minutes after his period of grace, a female student walked in majestically with her heel shoes making disgusting noises on the marble floor. And then, she awoke the spirit of strictness of the lecturer.

"hey, young lady, come here. Are you for this class or you went to a party and just coming back? What is it by your time and if you came for this class, remove those things you are wearing on your legs and sit on the floor if you actually are in my class or be ready to fail my course because, l will make sure l take the attendance of those present in my class today", the lecturer said and continued with his lecture. And the fine girl had nothing to do but to sit of the floor that day.

It was a big embarrassment to her and so many other ways have lecturers embarrassed their students as a result of late coming. Have you experienced any and would like to share? Let's hear you.

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