How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running Campus Students Mad

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How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running Campus Students Mad

Charley Networking, the networking grandfather,
Eee, baby how are you now?,
Charley I dey ooo, which one dey on board now, is it ultimate cycler abi pay cycler.
NNE eh, new ones come out daily, so you just have to be sharp enough, immediately it comes out, just invest, get your returns and run, most of them don't outlive a day.
Charley I dey your side ooo, make you inform me if better one show, make we dey earn now, man must chop...

************ ***** *********
I don't know whether the headquarters of networking business or better still ponzi schemes is in University of Azikiwe (Unizik) or what. At night you will see a group of students huddled round one laptop awaiting the arrival of a new website, Immediately it opens, hundreds of students rush, invest money most of which promises to either pay you double or triple, other times, 4 times of what you invested.
The early birds get their return and it closes down almost by the next day.
Those who lose lick their wounds and wait for the next day.
I don't know if it so in other schools but in Unizik here, its like that is the only lifeline they have.
Some of these websites are even developed by people around us, there is never a fast way to make money, what they just do is take from Obi and Pay Ada, take from John and Pay obi, at the end, John loses.
Some get lucky, others don't.
The launchers make their own money by merging plenty people to pay them and from traffic gotten from an influx of persons to register.

Heard of one that used 800 thousand naira to do MMM and it crashed, a student for that matter.
One used her house rent to do, and it got stuck.
It wasn't funny.
So my advice, do if you want to do, don't do if you don't have the heart.
* ***** ******** *

Ehe Nne, one dey launch by 11pm today oooo.
Charley abeg register me as soon as you register your own.

Charley, the thing don't crash oooo but thank God say I get my capital back, im now remain one person to pay me finish"

Shebi I tell you, no dey dull for this kind thing, the earlier, the better. This night again, we go see sha.
**** **** *****

Interested in making money: go and work for it.
Don't ask me questions

*Balls out*

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hahaha UNN is their headquarter my dear
Mar 19, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Mar 19, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

I think ponzi has taken over everything in the life of a Nigerian student. <br /> <br /> ponzi! ponzi! ponzi!
Mar 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Well, Ponzi scheme or no Ponzi scheme is crazy and makes students takes stupid risks
Mar 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

laziness and greediness has pushed many students to look for easy way out, which in must cases is fraudulent.
Mar 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Mar 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Most Students like quick money...that is school
Mar 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

If u can't learn frm wot happen 2 oda's,wot happen 2 oda's will happen 2 u.b wise follows
Mar 26, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Thanks to ponzi scheme!
Apr 18, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

quick money never lasts oooo.It kills too.Let ppl calm down joor.there's time everything
Jul 18, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Lol lol..very Funny asin ehh it happens everywer oo
Jul 24, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Really sweet.
Aug 10, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

very funny
Sep 4, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

all hail Unizik....ponzi is everywhere
Sep 18, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

[exhales] na so we t
Jun 28, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Just great to know there are Ponzi schemes. One must learn
Jun 28, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply