How My Girlfriend Proposed To A Fudma Guy And The Guy Blasted Her

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Tell me what do you think, Should a girl propose to a guy in campus?

This happened on Wednesday afternoon in FUDMA campus. There was this girl, Michelle, who had a big crush on a certain guy, James, in her department. For a while now she was nurturing thoughts on how best to approach James to tell him how she felt for him.

Fast forward to this good Wednesday, just after their English lecture and everybody had left the left the hall, she mustered all the strength she had to meet her crush. At this moment James was with his friends too and she felt it was a perfect opportunity for her to make the approach as she felt it'll be hard for James to reject him that publicly. To Michelle it was to her a way to show her crush that she was brave and serious about what she felt.

So she took the bold step even as her heart was racing and beating so fast, but she liked the feeling because she was really merrily inside of her. As she met James she popped it out, that she was crushing on him.

Disappointingly, James was not taking any of that. He said she not even beautiful, not her type and how would she think in all her minds of minds that he would stoop so low to date her. James really lashed all sort of harsh words on her, He disgraced her infront of all his friends.

At that point Michelle wished the ground could open up and swallow her. She silently went back to her friends with great disappointment more than she has ever felt in her life.

But guys can you learn to be kind? Can you imagine what it took that girl to propose to you? Even if you don't have a feelings for the lady please and please don't blast her because for a girl to have d courage to propose to a guy isn't that easy.

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