How I Risked My Life For An Ungrateful Girl At Aocoed Post Utme Exams

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How I Risked My Life For an Ungrateful Girl at AOCOED POST UTME Exams

I remember vividly when I was about to write my Post-UTME in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Eduacation (AOCOED), it wasn't funny at all people say it really hard and so I read my self to a point I knew I read enough.

On getting there on that D - Day (my exam day) which was at AOCOED on the 11th. The exams questions seemed easy to me because it was filled with what things I have already read so I was able to write answers to the questions easily.

After answering all the 4 subject questions I was still having like 40 minutes so I went through them again cross checking my answers then suddenly I heard a tap at my shoulder and was like who is this one ooo and I saw this beautiful girl at my back the one who tapped me and I asked what is it and she was like please take it slow I'm using yours to check mine and I really can't believe it.
She's is a big girl and I never expected it so let her see through my system to check her answers. I got up few minutes later and went outside and after a while she also came outside and work pass me and you know what,,, she couldn't even say Thank You.

I risked my own exam for her and she just behaved like it funny... Till date I'm still wondered about it.
Screw her!!!

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naija people and behaviour
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Hmmmm...people sha.
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Comment...ungrateful people everywhere..... Take heart swidy<br />
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Now it is a story cos it didn't get worse than that
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Just commenting
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Comment...Hmmnmm........she z jex too arrogant
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Stupid she
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@zeenat so you do malpactice...shey? I go call EFCC for you
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hmmmmm........such z lyf!!!!
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