How I Do Yearn For School Chritsmas Break!

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I know its not only me getting anxious about Christmas, I wonder what your plans are? Ok Christmas is not just about getting into the festive mood or taking part with others to eat the dressed deep fried or roasted turkey or grilled chickens with hot green pea soup, salads, fried rice or jollof rice, followed with pastries, cakes, cinnamon rolls and pasta or desserts.
Funny enough, we eat many african foods to go along with this like pounded yam with egusi and vegetable soup. as I recalled back last year in my house, we vouch for mouth watering pumpkin soup hmmm!!! Delicious delicacy it was and also our Christmas festive spirits.
however, we all sobered up and fully prepared. we all went to church as usual for Christmas sermon when I flashback, I could still remember "the joy to the world" hymns ringing in my head. all seems like yesterday, yet I could convey the meaning of those amazing moments and privileges given to us by our lord Jesus christ
Those periods in our lives when we all from far and near come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, yet without students knowing the fact, it not about an holiday, free from lectures.
although, we say we are enjoying our freedom yet we still go about helping our parents in one thing or the other during Christmas. we fail to realise it brought us and unite us together with our loved ones, friends, our families all over and around us just to create harmony and peace with those moments a secret hiding somewhere in our loving hearts.
Well Don't mind me much, I'm in an hurry for those moments. I know its too soon but I will still say my happy Christmas and new year in advance now. Love you all, it Saturday at last!!! happy weekend.

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