How Do You Avoid Sleeping In A Hyber-Boring Class?

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Sleep is good. Sleep is powerful, in fact, sleep can be overpowering, just ask Disney's sleeping Beauty. Clouding, the mind, numbing the sense, But there are occasions when you just know you need to battle that magnetic force drawing your eyelids to a close, like when you are in classes.

Students, we have all slept during classes before, especially when the subject is hyper-boring. Some topics sound so dour that they have a barbiturate-like effect. Maybe it's just a little dozing, just resting your heavy head in your hand just like you're listening deeply... there's so many antics to disguise mid-class slumber, experience teaches you.
But what about when you really, really don't want to sleep off and miss the good information, but your body is rejecting every force of reason? What would you do?

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