How Do Student's Survive In Nigeria's Economic Meltdown?

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Checking out from my lodge and about taking a bus down to school, l met two young boys who l suspected came for the just concluded IQ Screening test of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and were also on their way to school. We boarded the same taxi, alighted at the popular Gate 6 and moved into the school complex.

On that little journey from my house to School with those students giving me some company with what they were saying, I had to draw an inference and had to involve some other students in the university. Their topic of discuss centred on money and how to survive as a student even with the harsh economic realities staring everyone and the country on the face.

Parents feel this condition too but the institution is more or less bothered as they maintain their slogan, "if education is expensive, try ignorance" with which they tie so many responsibilities on patents as pertaining giving their children quality education.

Some parents do not regularly send money to their children in school while some parents do but it is not always enough. l asked some few students how they survive in school as regards money they receive from home just for food and the responses got me stunned.

Ayinde, who is an Accounting student said, "I don't depend on my parents for money because they don't have. l manage whatever l can get from my uncle and some friends l have." Moses, an Economics student said, "l always need money because even the one l get from home which is not regular, is not always enough."

lt is true that no amount of money can be enough but then, students should develop a way of managing their available but limited resources. Chinyere, a Veterinary Medicine student said "Although l am placed on a monthly salary by my parents, ten thousand Maura can not take you far in a month."

Aside depending solely on your parents for your upkeep as a student, you are also directly responsible for yourself because the school environment is a business hub and anything marketable will fetch you a fortune even if it is for maintenance of yourself. Yes, it is the responsibility of the parents to fund the academic pursuit of their children and also make sure they are well catered for but students should know they can as well help them by beginning to decipher ways of raising something to cater for themselves.

Having said all that have been said, how do you make sure your pockets never run dry while in school and how do your parents respond to sending you money? Let's hear you.

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