Here's The New Secret To Unibadan Jaja Clinic Terrible Response Time

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Who doesn't know JAJA CLINIC in UNIBADAN?

We all know about Jaja clinic and their terrible response time to patients, nonchalant attitude, non-regard for human life and general negligence.

All these make students detest the clinic and would rather go for self-medication instead of seeing a doctor at Jaja clinic. But, I have come to tell you that I have got the solution to that.

Last week, I had malaria and after much deliberation decided to visit the clinic. When I got there, I met a few people which made me glad as the place is always full even at odd hours.

I wrote down my name on the list provided and sat down to wait to be called. The Wi-Fi was not working, so I watched CNN on the television instead.

About thirty minutes after I got there, the attendant came around and my name was called to see the doctor. I was happy because I had thought that I would have to wait at least one hour before the doctor attended to me.

Now, pay attention because this is what I learned during that fateful short stay at Jaja clinic. It was almost my turn when a girl was rushed in to the hospital. She was almost on the verge of collapsing. Quickly, she was rushed in to see the doctor while the next person on the queue was told to wait a while.

That is the secret; whenever you are going to Jaja, you’ve got to act like you are already dying. It is only then that they will attend to you quickly and without delay. If not, you are on your own. And I am talking from experience here.

Of course, I haven’t tried it yet, but I have seen it work on different occasions.However, don’t expect it to work always. We all remember the story of the boy who died because he was not attended to in time. All because he was not with his Jaja card. Pray that it works for you.

And if you are ill, make sure you visit the clinic. Do not freeze (in Wakandan accent). Remember, “Health is wealth”.

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