Help! Should I Date A Course Mate While In School?

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HELP! Should I Date a Course Mate While in School?

He watched her from where he sat, She was discussing with one of their course mates and laughing heartily, he silently wondered what was making her laugh that hard.
Jealousy took jabs at his heart, he tried to ignore the feeling but it kept coming.
They had had an argument yesterday night An issue that happened in class.
She had sat on the legs of a fellow course mate and when KC had asked, She replied it was just a harmless, friendly gesture. He was enraged, ' did you expect me to clap for when you act like am not there or we don't have anything between us.
Jane was exhausted, KC was becoming too possessive and jealous for her liking. Did he expect her not to talk to any other guy in class because he was there?
Jane turned and locked eyes with KC and quickly turned back to the conversation.
So much for dating a course mate, She sighed.......

This scenario painted above may not be the ideal but it is just a small picture of the so many experiences you can encounter while dating a Course mate.

Imagine a situation where you just had a quarrel with your partner and then you come to school the next day, maybe late, and the only available seat is beside him or her, you will have to seat there feeling awkward and trying to keep the Students relationship quite intact without allowing your emotions overpower you.

How much can the Students life be separated from his emotions.
Is it ideal?, worthwhile or worth the stress.
Obviously you never get to miss your date....I mean every school day is a "date" for you guys except on weekends because you will most probably be seeing everyday.
Most people say its the Love that matters, and others see it as Immaturity to date a Course mate.
Well its your choice, so you will be in the best position to deal with it.

But I still want to hear you.
would you do it?

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