He Wants My Virginity As A Prove Of My Love For Him

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A female student of the Abia State University, Uturu has been hit by a rolling ball of disaster, confusion and tears. She needs candid advise from you and I on how we can help her out of this dilemma she has found herself in.

Love they often say is blind and can lead us to doing things we wouldn't have done ordinarily with our conscience devoid of that thing called love. It is a total clog in the eye and so long as a person has credited his/her heart into it, withdrawal becomes pretty much of an ache to the heart more than the pain the relationship is causing.

I was meant to understand that this lady is in a relationship with a guy and loves this guy like life, if not more than life and she believes this guy shares an equal feeling of love for her as well but things are taking the wrong turn. The family of the guy has refused to welcome this lady and see her as befitting for their son and adding to the negative issues and worsening situations, the guy recently told this lady that he has another lady whom he had known and had been dating even before they met and started dating. What a heartbreak.

The guy told the lady that the girl he had been dating is the one his family had known but because of the love he has for her, that he will damn the consequences and all that his family have said against their union and go ahead and marry her because he loves her more than any other girl. But on one condition which is that the girl will have to prove her love for him by giving him her virginity and allowing him deflower her. What a world.

Now, the issue is that this lady cherishes her virginity and will never want to lose it just yet but on the other hand, he loves and adores this guy so much that she wouldn't still want to leave him for anyone. What do we advise this lady to do?

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