He Wants My Virginity As A Prove Of My Love For Him

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A female student of the Abia State University, Uturu has been hit by a rolling ball of disaster, confusion and tears. She needs candid advise from you and I on how we can help her out of this dilemma she has found herself in.

Love they often say is blind and can lead us to doing things we wouldn't have done ordinarily with our conscience devoid of that thing called love. It is a total clog in the eye and so long as a person has credited his/her heart into it, withdrawal becomes pretty much of an ache to the heart more than the pain the relationship is causing.

I was meant to understand that this lady is in a relationship with a guy and loves this guy like life, if not more than life and she believes this guy shares an equal feeling of love for her as well but things are taking the wrong turn. The family of the guy has refused to welcome this lady and see her as befitting for their son and adding to the negative issues and worsening situations, the guy recently told this lady that he has another lady whom he had known and had been dating even before they met and started dating. What a heartbreak.

The guy told the lady that the girl he had been dating is the one his family had known but because of the love he has for her, that he will damn the consequences and all that his family have said against their union and go ahead and marry her because he loves her more than any other girl. But on one condition which is that the girl will have to prove her love for him by giving him her virginity and allowing him deflower her. What a world.

Now, the issue is that this lady cherishes her virginity and will never want to lose it just yet but on the other hand, he loves and adores this guy so much that she wouldn't still want to leave him for anyone. What do we advise this lady to do?

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if he really luvs ha he will wait until dy get married. ..buh 4 d fact dat iz asking d gurl 2 sleep wit im 2 show ha luv dt 1 of guys trick 2 get under ur skirt.
Oct 3, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply


Men like under akirt
Feb 22, 2017  

Lol..funny guy..my dear,the guy is just deceiving you oh..as long as his family says no,take it as no because even if he says he will damn the consequences,you are only looking for curse..i believe if he really loves you,he will wait.
Oct 4, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply


Hahahahha love
Feb 22, 2017  


#hi tobs i have no idea oh lol.
Feb 14, 2017  


Hy sPecial, how can I be a marriage counselor pls?
Oct 8, 2016  

huh!!!phanny..its beta u b d virgin u re dan beign brokenhearted at last even if he fixes his soul via d relationship...
Oct 25, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply


Remain a virgin o
Feb 22, 2017  

I reserve my comment
Oct 26, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply


Feb 22, 2017  

The guy doesn't love you, if he dose he wouldn't have asked for that....
Nov 3, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

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Nov 18, 2016  

Men ehnnn. They're somefin
Jan 30, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

I don't think d guy is God fearing ..seriously ???? .. And you think he will marry. You .. Wat is d assurance. DAT he will. ...after he disflower you ???,don't be confuse ..it's obvious he only wanna play on you
Feb 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply


Exactly!!! First there is another girl.. The one his family knows sef.. Doesn't make sense
Feb 23, 2017  


He might no marry her
Feb 22, 2017  

Lmao ..funny couple tho
Feb 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

please dont give him ur virginity coz if he loves u he would let u keep,ur virginity is d only pride u av as a woman.If u loose your virginity to him he won't give u the respect u deserve he would tink dat if any other man begs u and tells u he loves u,u would just give him without thinking twice
Feb 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply


Hahahahhahahah exactly
Feb 22, 2017  

Very funny
Feb 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Please don't lose your virginity..it's far better you lose the stupid guy that gave you that kinda condition for him to marry you.
Feb 23, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Guys of nowadays.
Feb 24, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

the guy is dumb, please don't
Feb 26, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Pls don't do that keep it
Feb 28, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Move on dr <br /> Dnt loose for anything
Feb 28, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

The so called guy do not love you, don't give him your virginity all because of love. Mark my words, once you give in he will dump you for real. This man want to tarnish your image and destiny. Men are destiny terminators, once they done that they will ran away. Hit and run that's what they are.<br /> So sweetheart just keep your virginity for the man that love and cherish you.
Mar 7, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Sex doesn't prove love,if all he wants is to sleep with you......babe dats lust and not love.
Mar 10, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Don't think it twice. The man isn't worth your virginity.
Mar 10, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

My dear all I will advice you to do is to run From this guy and his so acclaimed love with your legs touching your head,cos no man who truly loves you would ask u for ur virginity especially with the tag "as a prove of your love to him," rather a man who loves you will protect you and wait till the day your body says yes, ie give him your virginity.Be Wise!
Mar 12, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

B wise my dear
Mar 16, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Me too reserved my comment
Mar 19, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

My dear luv is Nt base on sex,b4 u Fall in luv wit sumone make sure u undastand d meanin of luv.b wise
Mar 26, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Give it 2 him
Mar 28, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply


Ha, broz! which kind advice come be this one?
Mar 30, 2017  

That is not love..he only want to use and dump d innocent girl
Apr 1, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

A girl is abt yo b used and dumped
Jul 18, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

A girl is abt to b used and dumped
Jul 18, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Please dont give it out retain it very well
Jul 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

My dear the guy doesn't love you,if he does he won't for sex from you now until marriage...all you have to do now is to break up with him and you will find someone who deserves you.
Sep 19, 2017   |   (1)   (0)   | Reply

Be wise girl
Sep 19, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Be wise my sister
Sep 19, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

nne your virginity belobgs to your husband and not your boy friend
Jun 20, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

What a world indeed! all i can advise this lady to do is just to shun it and also try to convince the guy.if he won't pay heed to her then it better to abstain than sin against GOD.THAT just it,there are many guys out there! so better to obey GOD.
Aug 16, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Hmmm, its bttr 4 her to loose him dan to loose her virginity who knows if d guy even love her dat much if not he couldnt
Aug 21, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

My advise for her, she should keep her virginity if he loves her he will understand and reason with her.
Nov 12, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

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